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March 11, 2007


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Thank God. Maybe I can finally put my $350 "Bartending Degree" to use.


An honest question: does MATC offer the kind of training for "blue-collar" jobs like welding? Where I come from, in Fox Valley Technical College, there are lots of very well-respected programs for these kinds of jobs. General contractors and the like literally entice welding program students to leave after they finish their technical courses (and skip the gen-ed courses) to come work for them - at family-supporting wage levels.

Not everyone wants to go to college for a four-year university degree. So are we making it possible for those folks to succeed?


Yes. And MATC is very much a part of the solution along with the building trades unions. Also, while Wineke mentioned "blue collar," many of the jobs are white collar, particularly date processing positions in financial services, insurance, and health.


Paul, to what do you attribute the 'failure' of the Madison public schools in their inability or unwillingness to satisfy the educational needs of those who are not coming from college-experienced families? Perhaps words like failure, inability, or unwillingness are too strong, but they're the ones that come to mind. And what might be possible solutions?

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