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April 29, 2007


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Bob Keith

In regards to Turkey: A county just larger than Texas with a population of 71 million – of which 99.8 percent are Muslims. In the Eastern Kurdish region, I often felt in more danger than while in Iraq. The conscript army has lots of military toys. Their stuff looks shiny and unused. The 18 year old soldiers seem nervous at the check points which are every where. They are at war with their own Kurdish region – a dirty little secret. It would be like the United States continually battling with a region in our own country the size of Florida. The Turks have ethnically cleansed many villages of Turkish Kurdistan off the map. Poetically, now the Kurds are relocating Arabs out of Iraqi Kurdistan. All the players here are Muslim, even the Turkish army. And the band plays on.

If you are going to be a successful modern Turk, you better have a picture of secular and still dead leader Ataturk on the wall of your shop – or your business will parish. If you are a town there better be a bronze Ataturk on the town square. Turkey is part of NATO and half-heartedly is working its way toward European Union status. It will cost them a fortune to retool.

In Ankara and all parts east, young uniformed military men with machine guns stand on every corner of the nation. The police with their machine guns stand in the middle of the blocks. Every so often the military has to crack down and puts the “rabble in its place.” It does not seem to matter who is looking for some extra influence – be it democrat, socalist, or Muslim, the army will eventually slap them down from time to time. The Turks appear as free as the military lets them think they are free.

The one Christian I met in the country of Turkey said while he was in the army due to conscription he was discriminated against. He was not allowed to hold any position of leadership. In America we would probably say he just did not apply himself to the opportunities at his fingertips.

Dan Sebald

"The Saudis say we are turning the Gitmo detainees into terrorists. I don't have much use for the Saudi government but they sound credible on this one."

I believe that. Look back at the past couple decades of middle east terrorists and at least one key figure was imprisoned for a while. Rightly or wrongly, it probably has the effect of hardening the radical nature in the individual. That's why the escape of supposed U.S.S. Cole bombing prisoners in Yemen was rather disturbing.

So, there is this little problem here with Guantanamo. Now that the prisoners have been held long enough to turn even an innocent individual into a potential major threat, what to do?

I thought I had heard something about the U.S. and Australia exchanging prisoners. What that is about I don't know. Sure fire way to keep the prisoners from every getting a court date, no less tribunal.


Paul, that was me on the bike! Glad, you enjoyed the view..

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