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April 02, 2007


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jim guilfoil

Following the absurdity that corporations are 'persons' for legal purposes, does it follow that corporations have should all the privileges of speech under the first amendment. Corporate speech is a far fetched analogy to personal speech. Corporate speech is intended, for the most part, to deceive the consumer into believing in the 'free market' and 'individual choice'. Lying consists in an expression intended to deceive. The court is not just 'activist' it is 'proactivist'. I hate the term, but in this case it fits.


It's all part of their strategy. Confuse people with their B.S. about restraint so people are not paying attention to Ziegler's ethics scandal.

Post election they want to focus peoples attention on campaign reform so people aren't focused on what the judicial commission should or is doing about Ziegler.

I've read that Senator Grothman from West Bend is on an oversight committee of the judicial commission and One Wisconsin Now has written that West Bend's former mayor is the Chairman of the judicial commission. It looks to me that they feel they'll be able to torpedo the whole thing. Justice, hey!
It looks like they're further along in their plans then thought.


"Antonin" Scalia.


Note date:

Date: Thursday, November 4, 1999
Byline: George Hesselberg

Every morning, stretch. It's good for you. Here's a stretch:

The Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce persists in proclaiming its ``free speech rights.''

As recently as Tuesday the tax-break lobby was yelping about its ``free speech rights.'' The U.S. Supreme Court refused to consider a dispute between the WMC, which tried to influence the 1996 state elections by buying advertising that transparently trashed certain candidates, and the state.

The WMC was described exactly a year ago in this column as a lobbying organization that ``periodically engages in influencing the political and law-making processes through means of pressure applied by signing a check.''

The focus a year ago was that the WMC had demanded that the media, in describing the WMC's political advertising, use this:

``WMC's issue ads are constitutionally protected under the First Amendment and not subject to government regulation, including disclosing contributors and expenditures.''

The suggestion was that the WMC, since it is interested in the truth, should rewrite that to say: ``WMC's issue ads are financed by contributors who do not want the public to know who is paying for attack ads because WMC members might lose business if consumers knew who paid for these sleazy ads. Instead, in our own cowardly way, the WMC chooses to whine to the media and to hide behind the debatable notion that constitutionally protected rights for individuals can be extended to corporations.''

In the wake of the Supreme Court's non-action, the WMC was at it again, pumping itself up.

They will nibble this one to death, a word here, a word there. Doing the honorable thing must never have occurred to the WMC. Just answer the question: Who are you and what do you want? Instead, the WMC continues to take the coward's way out, hiding behind anonymity and the shadowy financial sources that in this argument, assure it

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