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April 27, 2007


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jim guilfoil

Why hasn't the PEG issue been central to the debate. Surely there must be politicians who respresent areas where municipalities are in the need of the PEG services. Broadband coverage of local governmental, educational meetings are essential to contemporary information networks. Democracy without good information and discussion by those most affected by political decisions becomes a toy for the lobbyists and those who can afford them.
Money and choices get the headlines, while the bases for such acquisition get lost in the pursuit of power and wealth.

Barry Orton


PEG isn't central to the debate because the debate has been framed by AT&T as about money that will be saved if the legislation passes. It is faith-based reliance on the power of the marketplace to lower prices and increase service regardless of experience or facts.

Actually, the Wisconsin PEG community has been very active and mostly successful in protecting its interests regarding this bill. There is one remaining issue, which involves the discontinuation of funding for PEG operations in Ashwaubanon, Stevens Point, West Allis, Sheboygan, and Wausau. See the Wisconsin Association of PEG Access Channels (www. for more info.

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