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May 10, 2007


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"Selling capital assets in a one time sale to fund the operating budget is horrible public policy." Isn't this exactly what Gov. Doyle is trying to do with the DOA building?

Paul, in your final sentence above, did you mean to say "withOUT changing the state law"?


Cliff: thanks for the edit tip, and yes, that is what the state is doing (I think)-I don't know what they plan to do with the money. If it is for operations, it is very, very bad.


The guy that offered it was truly a neighborhood stand-up guy. I'm not sure he actually had $250k -- I bet the check would have bounced. It was to make a point and it appears it has.

Anyway, my perspective as someone in the Marquette district with kids, a school open with less land is much better than a school closed without land. Basically what's the point if MMSD has land that isn't used because the school is closed?

Strictly speaking, that's not quite true because O'Keefe shares the land but you get my point.



I am afraid the check should have been printed to look like a bandaid. I think selling capital assets in a one time sale to fund the operating budget is horrible public policy and a bandaid to stop an open hemmorage. My greatest fear is that instead of lobbying their State Gov to help correct the problem, people will waste their energy on bandaid approaches that can only work over the very short term.

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