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May 10, 2007


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Reality Check

At least Wineke is being paid by a private company and advocating a policy that would lower costs for consumers, unlike Mr. Orton who is paid by the taxpayers to lobby for things that will take more money out of consumers' pockets.

I also don't buy the argument that Sen. Fitzgerald is taking opposite positions on anything. Just because he supports the bill Wineke is lobbying for doesn't mean that he can't find it unseemly that the Chairman of the Democratic Party would sign on to lobby on the bill the same week Senate Democrats started playing politics with it.

But I suppose facts don't matter as long as Mr. Orton can keep using this issue to hype the consulting business he runs out of his taxpayer-funded UW office using his taxpayer-funded UW website.

Barry Orton

Only one problem with your accusation, Mr. "Reality Check." The money from the consulting I do in my UW office goes to the UW.

And if you honestly believe that this bill will significantly lower costs for consumers, I've a bridge over Lake Mendota to sell you.

John Foust

Mr. R.C., if we prohibited building permits, surely the construction industry would benefit and it might save consumers some money. Under this bill, a video provider coming to town would need to do less at City Hall than you'd need to do if you were building a porch.

Mr. R.C., where exactly were the obstacles to competition in the past? Negotiating a franchise agreement was too onerous for AT&T, so our best approach is to eliminate what's essentially a building permit and statement of terms for them to use the public's right-of-way to run their business?

Steve Vokers

Barry, are you saying that Paul was sucessful in politics because he was able to argue two sides of an issue simultaneously? ;-)

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