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June 10, 2007


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Dan Sebald

My question is where was all the dissension months ago when the school board was discussing the matter? When they hastily flipped between school namings and school closings?

The Hmong community came out in force, filling the Doyle building. The only other group providing testimony seemed to be the Latin American community advocating a different name. I can't recall anyone there opposing the name choice Vang Pao on scandalous grounds. (Honestly, I knew little about the general then, but my concern was the school closings, not the name... other than not naming the school after Gaylord Nelson.) I left after some time when it looked like the school closings wouldn't come back to the floor, but I'd seen a good amount of testimony. I saw no opposition.


Is it too late to name it Paul Soglin Elementary School?

If the School Board is committed to giving it a Hmong name, they should name it Cha Vang after the hunter who was killed in Peshtigo in January by James Nichols.

Hmong are a good people. Read more about Hmong and interact with them before judging.

study Hmong and history first hand before judging

be objective please

this article is an example of a biased misinformed arthur. writing negative comments about Hmong people.

be objective please

dont be ethnocentric


everyone is entitled to their opinions...but for those of you who never witnessed wars...please do so before making comments!!

I am Hmong and we Hmong will always stay loyal to General Vang Pao and the real allies to the end

Free General Vang Pao! Free the other nine (9) Hmong Leaders, and our American Allies:Jack Harrison!

For the rest of America who has betrayed us Hmong all the day u arrested OUR FATHER, General Vang Pao....Your nation has no self respect and honor...General Vang Pao has help the U.S alot by scraficing his Hmong soldiers just to die so he could rescue shot-down American pilots in Laos (during the Vietnam Era) ..America has betrayed one of its loyaliest ally in the world, us the Hmong. General VangPao had always say to the Hmong People that America are a friend of the Hmong People. But today we see it clearly what the inside of the american hearts has for its long time friend!!!!"FREE GENERAL VANG PAO" right now!

wrote by:HMONG People from Sacramento


Dear,My government

Assembly of the state capital of California

I'am a Hmong member of the Hmong community in Sacramento, California. Iam writing this letter in regard to the arrest of our Hmong Leader,"General Vang Pao".
I'am representing here as of the 800,000 Hmongs living here in the United States. We are begging and asking for the release of our "father", General Vang Pao. He is innocent
who has been wrongfully accused of its charges. General Vang Pao is the heart and soul of the Hmong People. He represent for the whole nationwide Hmong in the world. American, who we Hmong
believed are our ally is now a traiter in the heart and eyes of all the Hmong in the world. We Hmong had onced belived that American was an ally,a friend of the Hmong People. But now we know the truth of the
American hearts. American is a people who has no self respect and honor nor do they understand what it means. General Vang Pao who'd help and sacrafice his Hmong soldiers to
die just so he can retrieve and rescue American shot-down pilots in Laos(during the vitnam war era). There is 0nly two real American allys from the Secret War. One of them is Jack Harrison who is a
true soldier of all soldier and an ally of the Hmong People. Today, the American has betrayed Hmong a second time in history since the day when they arrested General Vang Pao. We know it was the doing of
the United States and its C.I.A who had plan and arrested General Vang Pao and it's 10 associates. U.S has turn its back to one of its loyaliest and strongiest ally in South-East Asia.
General Vang Pao had always say to the Hmong people that American is a friend of the Hmong. But today, American is a traitor who had betrayed one of its loyaliest ally.
I send this letter in tears as iam writing this to you Assembly of the Sacramento State Capital of California and to all Washington D.C's personnel along with President Bush. Don't forget of what General Vang Pao and
his Hmong has done for the American people.

The world will know of this soon to come. Such loyalty with the U.S means nothing but whatever is only benefits to them. Such action makes all Hmong who'd help U.S wonder,"Have we Hmong had hold hand with the wrong side?".
I believed U.S is afraid of Communist Power and now that they are only interest in profit of doing business with Laos and other country not to exclude on what is happening inside of Iraq. So, American rather turn its back on the Hmong who White House and the American peole is so fed up with
Hmong protesting for help of the genocide inside Laos. We Hmong are not afraid to die or to fight for freedom. U.S announce to the world that they are a country or democracy. But today they had shown sign of weakness clearly. They cannot be the world's watcher of peace.
American proclaim U.S is watcher of the world. I do not think so. One can not be so if it doesn't act accordingly to its word.

I will not say much more for I know you understand will of the Hmong and my attention. We Hmong represent,"Freedom and Peace". "DEMOCRACY, is what we want!" Willing to die to liberate the persecution of racism and hate crime which the Laotian Military are raping and murdering U.S Hmong veteran)
who is still trap inside of the jungles of Laos. Which there has been evidences which had shown clearly of its' genocide inside of Laos today. Its American who chose to denied these existen.

Please give justice to General Vang Pao and it's ten associates. We HMONG worldwide are crying and begging for your help to release Our Hmong Leaders. General Vang Pao is a true friend of the United States. " WE ARE HMONG AND GENERAL VANG PAO REPRESENT ALL HMONG WORLDWIDE" LOYAL TO GENERAL VANG PAO
TO THE END." American who is my friend and an ally of the HMONG please don't turn your backs on us in time of need as we have help you in the past.


Representive From the community of Hmong across the U.s and around the world


To the U.S. government, the Vientname War was ended in 1975 in Laos, to the Hmong the war was just started, until this day and still there is no sign of ending it yet. I was in the Laos until the end 1982. Every Hmong family was for itself to protect its' members from being killed. Early in the beginning I remembered clearly in one the of the evening a group of Red Lao soldiers came to search for weapons in my grandpa's house. They made everyone stay out side with quards pointing guns at us. Approximately, 20 min later, the searching solders came out from the house with guns pointing at us and said, "The next time I see one bullet in this house, each member your family will be getting of one of these bullets, per member." Then they left. That was the first time I saw my grandpa's tears dropped. Since then the war was getting worse until I was older enough to leave the country on my own with my younger brother. I had the responsibility of getting him out alive. We were the souls and seeds of my family if my family would be killed. I was about 15 years-old. Today, my family survive from the war, but I still could not understand how we did it. Many families did not make it. Running away from the Communist Laos was one thing, facing with the corrupted Thai guards and authorities is another. I was there and had seen it all. And when I finally made it here in the U.S., the first person I encountered told me to go back to my country and that I was not welcome here. Back then I did not know that everyone was immigrants to this country, and that the Natives were the only real Americans. Over the years, I learned the stories and adopted this country as my own, just like everyone who came here before me. So now, there is no Communist to run away from, no corrupted Thai authorities to deal with, and no one this country has the encourage to tell me to go back to my country because I am citizen of this country, and now this is my country. I hope you join me, if only I can imagine.


Hallooooo my U.S government. it is an honor to write you a special note after General Vang Pao has been arrested. it is a very shameful for the US government to trap its own man who used to help the US government ally during the Vietnam war. I was recruited and trained to be a radio telegraph operator by american CIA when I was only 14 years old. I served in that position until the very last day we lost the Vietnam war. my american supervisors told us and saying that if we win we stay but if we loose we run together. american supplied everything and that is including B-52 bombers flying from Udorn (Thailand) to bomb in Laos. I was the one who radio for the ground troop to get the shot down american pilot. American and Hmong were being friends like brother and sisters until the year of 1999. from 1999 to now the Hmong have presented a lot of evedences to the US government about the murdering and raping by the lao governmenet on those hmong who are left over in the middle of the jungle in Laos but the US government pretended like they are blinded and deaf. since then the Hmong have a second thought that the US government maybe wanted to do business with laos and rather forget whatever is happening inside laos and the hmong in the US as well. we, the Hmong now know exactly why american government let lao murder and raped the hmong in Laos. that is not all, American government even want to trap and murder the Hmong's leader here in this country as well. American government likes peace and wanted to policing the world but we, the hmong guess it aims to the wrong target because it rather be friend with its past enemy and creating enemies to its own citizens. all Hmong around the world are very upset and angry for american government of being betrayal toward General Vang pao. American goernment are very smart visit the moon and even wanted to build a rest area between the earth and the moon but they haven't been into communist shoes so, they don't know how bad the shoes smell. we, the hmong ask for your release of gerneral vang pao and the other 10 followers. they have done nothing wrong against the US government. please remember that there are hundred and thousand hmong now serving in the military to defence this country and they are still counted General V.P is their hero. we, the hmong believe that the government will not add another history into its country. The world is now almost up side down for the entire hmong people. PLEASE RELEASE GENERAL V.P ADN HIS 10 FOLLOWERS SO ALL HMONG CAN SMILE AND LIVE HAPPILY.

Tou Yang

This is a very delicate situation. When it comes to General Vang Pao, he's done alot for the Hmong people but he's also done us wrong. As much as he's helped the Hmong, he's done just as much to make the Hmong elders fail in adjusting to life in the US. Since the early 1980s, General Vang Pao has gone all across the US promising the Hmong that he'd take back Laos one day and that the Hmong would one day have a country AGAIN...That was General Vang Pao's biggest mistake. The Hmong never really had a country and we've been residing in Laos for less than 2 centuries yet it was someohow ours? That's the mistake many Hmong make in believing that Laos was Hmongland to begin with. It was Laos before we got there and it'll be Laos long after we leave. That's a fact we have to accept.

The reason why I say General Vang Pao has done as much bad as he has good is because since 1981, his Neo Hom has been collecting money from the general Hmong population so he can go and reclaim Laos for everyone. Supposedly, he planned on using $9.8 Million for weapons and had $28 million he was going to use in total to overthrow the Laotian government. With that much money, he could've done alot more for the Hmong here in the US and in Laos. Everyone talks about the Hmong Human Rights issue in the jungles of Laos and even in the refugee camps in Thailand but what we need to understand is, the reason the Laotian government is trying to kill off all the Hmong in the jungle is because a portion of them are receiving weapons from America and are constantly still "fighting" against the Laotian government. Because the General keeps sending weapons over for our "freedom fighters", more and more people living in the jungles will keep dying. That's a fact. There are many Hmong people who are living within the Lao society who aren't being persecuted. So to say the Laotian government is trying to rid all the Hmong from Laos is false. They're trying to get rid of all the Hmong who aren't cooperating and resisting. Now that doesn't make it right for them to kill off the Hmong in the jungles but we're not helping the problem when we keep sending money to the "freedom fighters" to kill off Lao citizens. The Lao government doesn't care if you're just a Hmong living in the jungle or a freedom fighter, if you're Hmong and living in the jungle, they assume you're a freedom fighter and they try to kill off everyone.

We have to understand the world we live in and the laws that we must obey, whether it be here in the US, France, Australia, or Laos. You live within that country, you must abide by their laws. That's why all this political uproar for the General will do the Hmong no good. He broke the laws of this country and now he'll have to face the consequences. Two wrongs don't make a right and we can't defend him and say he's only doing what's good for his people because he's not. Those who say he's innocent are obviously uneducated when it comes to the laws of this country. You can't fight with guns anymore in this society. I can't go around killing people for killing someone I know. It doesn't work that way and that's what General Vang Pao was trying to do. You just can't buy guns and kill people regardless of who you are or what the purpose is. It all boils down to that.

I hope that the Hmong who read this post understands the message I'm trying to get across. We can't live stuck in the past trying to fix it. We have to move on and do what we can with what we have. Sending weapons to the Hmong in Laos just puts them in even more danger. I know some Hmong will think I'm anti-Hmong or something like that but that's far from the truth. I'll leave it at this.


Tou Yang, two words "Shut Up". You sound educated, and most importantly you're probably younger than me. But your entry sounds like a leftist propaganda speach. OK, I do agree we as the next Hmong genereation needs to move on, clean our savage image, and get educated. However, I also believe we need to keep our past, history, and culture as much as possible.

The "IDIOT" who wrote this article is either ignorant, which I can only hope, or is a piece of stinkin crap and probably smokes too much crack. I've been to some of those speaches that G. Vang Pao has made, (I'm not a big GVP supporter), and I've not heard what this article is claiming it has heard or what ever the translator have told them they heard. (Now that just sounds unintelligent of me, but you get the point.)I don't agree with GVP taking money from our elders, but hey we have to pay taxes in this country right.

Stumbling onto this blog site and reading some of the negative articles about GVP, makes me wonder if there is a conspiracy against GVP. And so what if the Hmong are on Welfare, atleast most of them is not out supporting the illegal drug market like the other races. At least not the elders (as for some of the youths, hmmm, not sure what to say. You make bad decisions when you think your ready for mirage at age 15)

An Observer

Pleae, people if your going to post your comments in here, please slow down and think before your write. Check your grammars and spellings, PLEASE!!!!!
It makes you sound uneducated using wrong grammars and misspellings......SLOW DOWN, THERE IS NO ONE RACING WITH YOU BUT YOU WRITTING IT YOURSELF.

Kyle Vang

ya'll hmong being hating each other mang....come on. With GVP where you at right now...dumb stupid? you probably farming day to years huh? Suppose to help each other not hating. If GVP goes down as Terror our name will appear as Terror also. The writer to this article is some stupid punk that still a baby...still needs his/her mother for babysit...get a life and stopped wiriting negative about Hmong people or GVP. Hmong Pride for life.

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