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June 19, 2007


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Exactly. Remember Newt's experience.

Dan Sebald

What do you mean "if"? Everywhere one goes in Wisconsin the roads are falling apart faster than they can be fixed. In the Madison neighborhoods its such a patchwork of old and new asphalt. We'll get a four or five block stretch of road fixed, but because the heavy trucks have to get to the site, the surrounding neighborhood roads end up worse. All the sprawl on roads like Old Sauk end up eating away at the asphalt along the shoulder. Bicycling is becoming a nightmare.

Your notes and Barry's notes on the AT&T legislation point to an overriding theme, which is plundering of any and every government program so that business can make some money off of it, the Enronization of American business. From the cost of power in Wisconsin, to mass market media ownership, somehow deregulation is good for this country? We're told only business is good at innovation, but why is it that corporate America has cut research departments to meet the bottom line?

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