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July 26, 2007


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Great man, Steve Nass

Bob Keith

Because of a genetic condition I have, I must take much Warfarin to survive. Had the medication never been developed I would have died in my twenties. All my jounalistic, academic, and volunteer work has been done later in life. There would have been no trips to Viet Nam and Laos, nor would my work have been done in Iraq and subsequent visits to the war-torn country. Back here in America over one hundred abandoned animals would not have been rescued in the last 30 years. Ten years of volunteer ambulance work would have never happened. Rural 911 calls would have gone unstaffed.

One small medication - thousands of links to life from just one average guy would have never happened.

Bob Keith
Cool Dadio Media


Speaking of vitamin research, let's not forget E.V. McCollum who discovered vitamin A.

He began his research trying to discover why corn-fed animals were healthier than cows fed only wheat or oats. He soon realized, however, that using cows to study nutritional outcomes was going to be a slow boat to nowhere. So he struck upon the idea of using rats because of their short lifespans -- an idea that was considered crazy at the time.

The notion of using public funds to feed and house vermin was in fact so crazy that the Dean of the Ag College told him, in essence, that the legislature would have his head (sound familiar?). McCollum did it in secret anyway, and in 1907 was the first scientist to use white rats in research. Five years later, he and his colleague Marguerite Davis isolated vitamin A and forever changed how we study nutrition -- all because he used a research method that was considered crazy.


While I generally agree with Paul's comments, it's shocking to see that the last major UW accomplishment was in 1989.

Matt B

27. 1998 James Thomson and coworkers derive the first human embryonic stem cell line.


I went to high school with Steve Nass in Whitewater. Even then, he was an unfortunate, dispeptic, unhappy little man. I don't recall the poor fellow having any friends, at least not visible to others. Too bad he's never escaped the bitterness that grew out of his insecurity. One upside, however: If a local theater group is casting for "It's a Wonderful Life," Nass would be a natural to play Mr. Potter.


Steve Nass is like Sam Brown: He never offends in style when he can offend liberal sensitivities in substance. I am a proud UW grad but I have to admit a) the University in Madison thinks incorrectly that it has the corner on truth, science and beauty in Wisconsin, b) the University wants it both ways because they talk about how successful they are at raising cash from private sources and then predict dire consequences from not getting as large an increase in state support as they desire and c)the System schools and Tech College system (especially because graduates stay in Wisconsin) are more important to many legislators.


Steve Nass is also crooked. He conspired secretly with UW Whitewater officials to help get rid of the two African American deans at Whitewater.


Steve Nass is also crooked. He conspired secretly with UW Whitewater officials to help get rid of the two African American deans at Whitewater.

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