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August 29, 2007


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L Bork

I am confused, we still are living in America, arn't we!Is the White House getting a kick back,on this? I would like to know how an elected polition can sell off the country, what happen to national security, what states really belong to other countries, how can it be stopped,

Lou Kaye

This posting will never be irrelevant. It's called P - R - I - V - A - T - I - Z - A - T - I - O - N. Tollways, libraries, weather bureau, ports, police and fire departments you name it, it doesn't have to be brick and mortar either like Social Security or your income tax refund for sale. Politicians, yes including an ever expanding population of democrats are succumbing to the idea that private individuals - driven primarily by greed can do things better and cheaper than a taxpayer funded regulated workforce. All pushed by a federation of extremely wealthy libertarian, neocon, anarcho-capitalist, republican insiders capable of integrating all of us into complicity, trading our most precious public assets and national dignity for the promise of pennies-on-the-dollar in dividends. Its gaining ground.....we are losing.

Neocon 4 Jesus

I think the government should sell the naming rights to Hoover Dam and other monuments.

How cool would it be to have a big Pepsi Logo on the Back of Hoover Dam. I bet we could get millions.

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