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August 28, 2007


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No business pays any tax. It's eventually all born by some person, whether that person is a shareholder, a consumer, or a worker.

And sorry, but Wisconsin is not a low tax state. But that's not really the question -- if you think the government services you are getting are worth those high taxes, then nobody should be complaining.

John Michlig

Here in the sprawled, haphazardly planned city of Franklin, Wisconsin we have a cabal of right wing bloggers who are downright hostile toward the reality that unchecked construction of subdivision after subdivision means a heavier burden on the school district, and that in turn introduces the need for more money to fund that expansion. Property taxes are naturally high here; they blame the "lavish" school district expenditures and don't see the problem at the other end - - corporations aren't paying their share.

I blogged about that topic here:


The whole tax rant, by the right, refuses to accept the facts.
There is only one fact, regarding any claims of tax burdens, rates and amounts.

This can only come from the US Census Bureau. The government cannot use any other data, as a legal resource. It's in the Constitution and the rules of both houses of Congress.

All the tax foundations, policy groups, etc are meaningless...and useless data. It's just not relevant, except in spin and rhetoric.
According to the US Census Bureau, Wisconsin ranks not in the top 4 or the top 10...we are right in the middle at Number 22 at overall tax burden(s).

If you elect local officials who abuse the TIF district funding, then you should get screwed over, on your property tax.
But the numbers are something anyone can find, and cannot be argued over....the US Census Bureau, which manages all statistical information. The only stats we can use.

We need to quit reporting of these special interest groups who create their own numbers, numbers which cannot be valdated or used.


Although Paul's assessment of the fallout which began with elimination of the M&E assessment (didn't that start in the Lucey administration>) is worthy it remains Wisconsin is still a tax Hell.


Yes it's true that businesses don't pay taxes. BUT, when those goods or services are sold in another state Wisconsin receives the taxes assessed against that Wisconsin business from a non-resident instead of a Wisconsin taxpayer.

It is the same principal with the motel tax. Cities receive that tax or at least they do here in Indiana. Most if not all motel/hotel users are from out of town and this helps reduce the local taxes.

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