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September 27, 2007


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Didn't this happen at Overture, too?


The Mayor has been down this road several times before - City Clerk, Overture, now the Economic Development Council.

In the case of Overture, a so-called "national" search drew a grand total of eleven (!)applicants. That's because the best qualified people in the industry throughout the US knew that the interim incumbent, a recognized and "decorated" star in the field, had for over a year been doing an outstanding job of leading Overture out of a state of chaos, disarray and a PR nightmare brought on by the D'Angelo implosion.

Because of the peculiar, unprecedented and totally ill-conceived manner in which the Madison Cultural Arts District was created, a Mayor who dislikes the arts and distrusts the arts community ended up with th sole power to choose the new Overture head. He rejected the overwhelming recommendation of the search committee (that he appointed), the resident arts organizations at Overture, the Overture staff (as if their opinion mattered to him) and even several of his own staff. In an act of vindictiveness towards an arts community that had humiliated him at the City Council 15-to-1 on the Overture re-financing mess, he hired someone totally lacking in appropriate experience or credentials. But it's "his" man.

Now he's gone and stuck the same stick in the eye of the business community. What he did to the Overture interim President was despicable. What he did to the arts community was unconscionable. But then, conscience isn't his long suit.

Troy Thiel


Count me in with the group of people who don't always agree that Mr. Cieslewicz is perhaps copying his hero Mayor, Richie Daley-whose overseen corruption and toadie hiring on perhaps the grandest scale in the history of American cities-a bit too much.

The Business community, which is amazingly progressive in Madison, has given him a "pass" for too long...he clearly doesn't get the interconnectedness of good economic development policy and quality community....if he did, why would he concentrate on unproductive policies?...trolleys, ineffective IZ and on and on and does not adjust...his big example of great goverment during the election was automated garbage and recycling....which now can't claim the savings he did during the election (see recent Cost over run stories)...not to mention that many other cities had long had the same systems-it's not like Davey invented them.

Poor strategies of his and his pals explain why job growth is far stronger OUTSIDE of Madison than in, DRIVING SPRAWL...not to mention his disinterest in pursuing basic needs...only now seemingly getting involved in Police, Public Safety, Inspection and other issues not "glamorous" enough to prioritize.

Recent management failures at Overture, Water dept, Clerk's Office (where the Clerk didn't even know the name of a temp handling the absentee ballots (see the Capitol Times story about Mike Quieto-the Leon Segretti of Madison, a known political operative...and the Mayor discreetly breaks the tie at the council vote to address such a serious problem without comment, makes you wonder how Quieto...or who?...hired him if the Clerk didn't??? What kind of Mayor who holds the Ballot sacrosanct just moves away from such an issue?

His suit wearing ways gave him teflon status with the business community...I think those days are finally over. And a LOT of the remainder of the community are similarly questioning.

He has a long way to go before he can be called a good mayor...a LONG way.

I supported Dave in his first Mayoral bid over Paul Soglin. Boy do I regret that vote! I've never seen such a mismanaged office. He surrounds himself with “yes men”, isolates himself from the City Council and shows disdain for public opinion. For a guy who’s been around politics for the past 20 years or so, he apparently didn’t learn a thing. I thought Sue Bauman was a dismal failure but Mayor Dave makes me long for the Bauman administration!!!!! YIKES!!!!

Will someone of credibility please replace this thin-skinned, ineffective, tin-ear guy and his mouthpiece yes-men ... and woman? For my part, I will not attend, nor contribute to any local politician that showcases or leverages this mayor's "influence." As the saying goes, stick a fork in him, he's done, especially among the business-savvy, socially liberal moderates I speak with every day.

How will the mayor's one-man garbage plan play out in the winter, I wonder? Cost over runs ... privatization as the only option? Well, that's one way to axe city employees without paying too high a political price.

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