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September 12, 2007


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See above - a comment from the Spirit Airlines CEO about a complaint.

He may be being callous, but I agree. The state of air travel is our own fault - we look for the cheapest flights possible, and expect the best possible service. It's consumer demand for crappy flights.

You get what you pay for, in my opinion - and I'm not complaining about it: I'd gladly save myself a couple hundred bucks even if I knew it meant getting on a 1+1 prop plane (hell, you get the luxury of both the window seat and the aisle seat!) and no bag of pretzels.

Free Market Neocon 4 Jesus

Hey, Free Markets work you commie. I mean just look at Citibank, GM, Amtrak!

Get a life. We don't want government interfering with our business!

Well, maybe just a little when we start to lose money.

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