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September 18, 2007


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Wonder if Greg Palast sees a sales spike for his book, ARMED MADHOUSE, which the tasered student wields and cites.

Watch the woman in the pink shirt.

in the videos. Some kind of administrator or event sponsor.

Seems a decision had been reached earlier to keep Meyer from asking hios question, presumably based on prior reputation. once kerry recognises him, she's pissed, and tries to cut him off unreasonably early. When he brushes her off, she goes to the cops.

A confab between police and University brass ensues. They nod in apparent agreement he's to be removed. Before the order can be transmitted to the line cops,Meyers has finished his question, and voluntarily relinquished the mic, waiting for Kerry's answer. Only now is he grabbed, and doesn't understand why, as he's no longer on the mike. Theater ensues.


Might I suggest it's important that we all not accept the AP story's irrelevant details on his silly Facebook photos with plastic cows and whatever else, as if that justifies in any way this overreaction and bullying by police and university. Did you see the recommended charges? Resisting arrest by violence and interfering with administrative duties. Holy (plastic) cow.

And, I hope people will speak out against taser purchases for UW system campuses. Most campuses at this time do NOT have them. UW-Eau Claire had just last week announced purchase of seven tasers for our campus here. The rhetoric is that they will be used against non-student "invaders" like the Virginia Tech individual. I initially said elsewhere that I think that is unlikely, and that tasers would be more likely used against pain-in-the-ass students in situations where creativity is called for, not force. That was last week, and now this.

Can we get this Mini-Blackwater attitude off of our campuses please?
Campus cops will not get close enough to a Columbine or V. Tech guy to taser them. Sell the damn things on E-Bay.

Ben Masel

(2nd comment was mine too.)

UW Madison Police carry them. The police report from my arrest soliciting ballot signatures a year ago indicates Officer Mansavage had drawn his, but had last minute 2nd thoughts, and gave me another burst of pepperspray instead.

The UWPD policy on use of force, at least as early spring when we received discovery in the case, does not lay out clear lines as to when use of tasers is appropriate. The MPD's guidelines are much better in this regard.

Florida Universities

This is an very provoking article.
Thank you for posting the video.

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