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September 20, 2007


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Dan Sebald

I believe John Norquist felt the stadium should have been downtown as well. (I asked him one day after a lecture at Canterbury Bookstore.)


A lot of Milwaukeeans felt that way, that the stadium ought to be downtown -- but we were betrayed by Bud Selig and local lobbyists influencing our own legislators, led by Alberta Darling, and we still refuse to patronize their ballpark.

As for the squawkers on radio, their politics of fear are felt beyond the city borders into the burbs, according to this letter in Milwaukee Mag:


Congratulations!!!! Finally a journalist who is not afraid to take on talk radio and tell the truth about MMSD [Endgame, September]. Those of us who served in office or are serving in office, such as Neil Palmer, Jim Ryan and Christine N., have always known that nation wide MMSD is head and shoulders above the rest of the country. I can remember talking to a high ranking official from Detroit telling me the same thing that the person from Seattle told you. However, anytime we showed our support of the District....Belling and Sykes would crucify us and no one from the media would stand up and support us. This is the reason why many elected officials say nothing...they fear Sykes and Belling. We all know they play a big role in the election process even though the Mayor of Waukesha was successful in his election bid. (There is hope). This community suffers much because of these two individuals and some day the community will realize that. ... But, your article...this month is the best I have seen.

Joe Greco, former Menomonee Falls village president


As I remember it, wasn't the former "gentleman" of Men. Falls the one who was doing insane things back during his term,trying to raise astranomical tax amounts for outraceous progressive programs.
I am sorry,if more of the people out there listened to Charlie Sykes, Mark Belling they would be a whole lot more clued-in to what the progressive/socialists are doing to our lives.
After (40)plus years of "wisconsin welfare",what have the socialist/progressives accomplished. They have killed the work ethic in those people who collected welfare payments by sitting on thier "duffs" waiting for the mailman to deliver thier checks and then cash them to play poker while thier children burned next door in thier own homes, un-attended. Would not work at turning hamburgers even at ($8.00)/ hr. This is the kind of socialist/progressive program you want for your Wisc. Health care - run like the Motor Vehicle Dept. when you are bleeding or your Appendix has you "doubled-over" and they tell you you have to get in line "take-a-number". While there still remains a chance to gain our society back you best wake-up and listen to Sykes and Billing - they are as close to the TRUTH as your going to get. Burke 1848 "The success of EVIL is good men do nothing" and Fiendgold is not a good man. Take care.

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