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September 28, 2007


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Rick Esenberg

For reasons expressed at Shark and Shepherd (you don't allow html here), I think that you are still not there.

Anitra Freeman

"If we know that poor blacks in the inner city commit more crimes..."

If the proportion of offenses is all that dictates the proportion of arrests, then, since we know that whites use and deal methamphetamine more than blacks, most meth arrests would be of whites. Would Professor McAdams -- or Mr. Esenburg -- care to test that prediction against actual arrest rates?


McAdams might be coming at this from two directions, none of which are good. Either he is so fearful of crime that he feels he is getting protection by taking criminals off the streets. We do know, however, that this is not a deterrent, because if that was the case then the proportion of black men being involved with the criminal justice system at 50% would not be so high.

Or it comes down to good old political pandering, the notion that the GOP succcessfully runs on fear of crime and their predilection to solve it by locking up everyone who is apprehended -- guilty or not.

The question here is what does the lock 'em up policy get us? Certainly by putting a prison sentence on someone's resume, someone with few skills to begin with, we can assure their job prospects are rather poor. So what does that person turn to? Crime. Social costs are in there somewhere.

So you say if they do the crime they do the time? Not necessarily. Minnesota has similar demographics to Wisconsin, in fact or violent crime rate is slightly lower. Yet we lock up at a rate two times higher than our neighbor. Looks like our Republicans are better panderers than their politicians.

And ginning up the fear of crime in order to run successful campaigns is a great way to attrract businesses to Wisconsin.

I weep for Marquette Univeristy

What a sad comment on laziness in academia when a professor refers to the thrice-elected mayor of of the second largest city in the state as a "leftist moonbat blogger." McAdams is screaming not to be taken seriously, and makes Marquette University look like a joke for hiring somebody with so little self-control and a seething inability to comprehend anything outside the strictures of his rote ideology. What tired and stricture-bound doctrinaire Marxists were to the 20th Century, knee-jerk and unimaginitive social Darwinists like McAdams will be to the 21st, for both bad and worse.


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