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October 23, 2007


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I agree with most of this post but I especially like the the part about parties being managed by ordinary people rather than legislative leaders. Both the DC Dem and Mad Dem Legislative leaders just in the past week have once again presented us with --- THE BAG --- to hold while they pat themselves on the back. I for one am ready for major change in Wis Dem leadership - Any ideas? I have many Republican friends who feel the same about their party.


I'll speak to nonheroicvet's comment about party reform from the Democratic perspective.

Join the party as a member (in Wisconsin, it's a dues-based organization - which is actually very good for those who seek reform). Get active, throw yourself into things, crash the gates. Work to elect progressive Democrats - who include as one of their progressive principles that of being a lower-case "d" democrat along with being a strong, proud capital "D" Democrat.


I have been a loyal supporter of Wis Dems for many years in terms of $ although I have not joined the party. I was especially PO'd about the current Dem Chairman's efforts to sell me out on the ATT/Cingular bill. When I get the fundraising phone calls from the state party, I ask for assurance that the chairman has changed his ways and that the party has taken steps to avoid such conflicts in the future. Needless to say the script reader cannot give such assurance. I do not expect these positions to be filled by saints, at the same time I do not expect them to stab me in the back for personal gain. I will continue to support individual candidates with $ and perhaps someday the state party if the leadership mends its ways or is changed.

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