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October 05, 2007


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Moderate Lee Concerned

From the Clingan school article: "Cieslewicz said he does not understand the level of emotionalism in the business community's response to his selection of Clingan for the job. He said he understood, though, that the business community expected that someone pro-business would be hired for the position. "I knew the kind of person they were looking for and I knew Bill Clingan wasn't it." But, Cieslewicz said, "In my view,no promise made."

The interesting thing is that the catalyst for this position even being created was the Mayor asking the EDC to find out why Madison is perceived as being bad for business and asking for suggestions on how to change that perception. Creating an Economic Development office was one of the suggestions in the subsequent report in December 2004. Perhaps a promise was not made, but it seems like a slap in the face to ask the business community (via the EDC) to spend months working on a report only to respond with, Thanks for letting me know what might help change the bad-for-business perception. Am I going to do it? Yeah, not so much. Shoulda asked for something in writing suckers.

He could have just said up front that his idea of economic development was more social services, and traditional business can stick it. Or as one staff member put it in a meeting "Verona is that-a-way."

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