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October 18, 2007


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james wigderson

Robert Fassnacht

Brenda Konkel

I gotta go with Betty Franklin-Hammonds.
She had a big influence in my early political life.

Barry Orton

James, I think that comment could be termed a classic troll, which gets no response.

Brenda, Betty F-H influenced a lot of people. A fine choice, but no Jeff Erlanger.


It will always be known as the Vang Pao Elementary School to some, a reminder of how incompetent the Madison School Board has a tendency to be.

Alan james archer

I am lobying for Clarence H beebe... he was my great grandfather! And he was a great and very philonthropic man. many people till this day have great things to say about him. and he passed from this earth in 1968. that would be the coolest thing for me to see a school named after him!
Alan Jame Archer

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