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October 12, 2007


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Or better yet, how about he moves to Turkey since he likes them so much, according to his tirade on the radio this morning. He could prove the US is friendly to countries that support our imperialism by being a good neighbor to his lovey-dovey Turk allies! I'll chip in some money too if that happens.

illusory tenant

"This story received no mention from Sykes ..."

I'm sorry, but Mr. Sykes is not in the business of seizing some isolated anecdote from which to draw conclusions.


The Tax Foundation itself is a joke.
Begun in 1937, to complain about the New Deals efforts during the Depression, they felt that taxes were too high, when the nation was broke and destitute.
This group has been a shill for the GOP since then.

Since national debt is a key to solvency, they never mention the fact that Bush has reaised the debt ceiling 6 times! Ruin the future for the next generation is not in the Tax Foundation's playbook.
It's give us more now, and to hell with the future.

This group has fudged more numbers, cherry picked more bad data than the MIT kids who scammed the Las Vegas Casinos.

The only number that are legally used, by the government and that is the US Census Bureau.
Doe the Census claim Wisconsin is 39th? No they don't...they have us right in the middle at 22.
Then again they also count, toll roads, local income taxes, etc ....thing we don't have in Wisconsin, which by any accounting would bring Wisconsin into a better position on a list.

Tax Foundation.....ask Britney Spears next time you need a qualified accounting.

Northern Pike

The core of principle of Charlie Sykes: Blame Wisconsin First.


Neither the St. Louis Business Journal nor the Madison reprint of the article mentioned that Brown Shoe has just moved a business unit from Los Angeles to St. Louis. I sincerely doubt that they would do that and then turn around and relocate to Madison.


Whenever I hear a "conservative" grouse about taxes, it strikes me how seldom they talk about the services that those tax dollars pay for. The same goes for corporate taxes. Wisconsin and Wisconsin communities have shown willingness to pony up for infrastructure improvements, for example, when big companies move to the area. I don't know where the anti-tax people think funding for necessary programs is going to come from. When the private sector tries to do a job the results aren't good. This is because, while the public sector's mandate is to provide services at low cost, the private sector's is to provide services with maximum profit.

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