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October 09, 2007


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I am not bright enough to figure out if your last line is satire. What can we do?

We can recognize that the funding of a meaningless war has cut county funding to help the homeless.

I worked at the homeless shelter starting four years ago. I would take out a returned person's file to discover that during the Clinton era food vouchers and more importanlty bus tickets could be given out. Bus tickets to parts of town that wouldn't infringe on the rights of those who are moving into their retirement home new condos. Oh, how awful to see reality from a balcony.

How bout trying some kindness. Oh, that's right that would be enabling.

Listen, the students tried to get a dry out center for the night so the folk had somewhere to go, that got shot down, on the ride to the Trolley talk.

Have you tried homelessness? Have you ever come close to losing your home?

They aren't objects of trash they are human beings that carry a story that is much more intersting than the channel 3 blah, blah blah.

Yeah, how dare those homeless people take up public space! You'd think after risking their lives for our freedom in Vietnam/Afghanistan/Iraq they'd know better! The cheek!

We can't solve the world's problems but here's a proposal: if every Madison resident with a "Support Our Troops" sign on their car/yard actually did SOMETHING to support our troops, whether it was calling their congresshuman to demand better funding for Veterans' programs, volunteering at the local VA Hospital, or donating much-needed cash to our city's homeless shelters, we could certainly decrease the number of "vagrants" taking up park space AND actually show our neighbors that we DO support our troops. How about less yappin' and more action? Suggesting the homeless should just "disappear" is terribly short-sighted and shows an amazing level of ignorance/self-absorption. Educate yourself, Paul! You sound like a damned yuppie with your allegedly liberal head in the sand.

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