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October 01, 2007


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Seriously. What does it take to get politicians to listen to social scientists?!? We figured everything out ages ago.

Keep up the good work, sir.


I'm wondering what your opinion is of the initiative to create a school of public health at UW-Milwaukee? I've wondered if it really worth the expense of creating another public health department at the university level, or if it might not be better to enroll students in Milwaukee, in nursing and medicine and social work, for example, in the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health and have them concentrate on problems in Milwaukee, and in this way avoid all the additional administrative costs of another university department. The money not spent on deans and associate deans and offices and computers, etc., could instead be used to implement solutions. One of the big solutions, of course, is eliminating poverty.

I weep for Marquette Univeristy

What a sad comment on laziness in academia when a professor refers to the thrice-elected mayor of of the second largest city in the state as a "leftist moonbat blogger."

McAdams is screaming not to be taken seriously, and makes Marquette University look like a joke for hiring somebody with so little self-control and a seething inability to comprehend anything outside the strictures of his rote ideology. What tired and stricture-bound doctrinaire Marxist profs were to the 20th Century, knee-jerk and unimaginitive social Darwinists like McAdams will be to the 21st, for both bad and worse.



What do you expect? He's still maintaining Oswald shot JFK.

I weep for Marquette University

Is that you Chuckie? Nice try at a diversion. Try...

McAdams is still maintaining Dewey defeated Truman.

The "professor" clearly has no aptitude for counting, unless it's say the number of links floating down the sewer towards Marquette from his fellow antebellum edumacators.


Thank you for a reasoned reply. Yes, it would be nice if the Madison campus had done for Milwaukee's north and south sides what it did for Madison's south side. But it's had years to do so.

Let's clarify a few other things, too. The Milwaukee campus already has fine nursing and social work schools as well as other components in place for a public health school. And a school that can get accredited, as the one at Madison can't, because there is a medical school on its campus (weird rule, but that's what has been reported in much media coverage of this).

Some Madison readers might go to and find out more about the Milwaukee campus that could surprise them. It's a great big campus now, with almost 30,000 students -- if on fewer than 100 acres, compared to Madison's 1,000-plus acres. The Milwaukee campus also serves almost as many students at night as it does during the day.

And it also holds classes across the metro area and plans more, in part to compensate for Madison's decision to reduce its enrollments. With that decision, how does it make sense to call for the Madison campus to increase enrollments in public health?

And Milwaukee has more Wisconsin students than are at Madison or any other campus in the state (country, world, etc.:-). Why should all those Wisconsinites have to (use so much gas to) go 75 miles away for school? And how does all that additional freeway exhaust serve the health of the public living along I-94? The faculty and students in the only School of Architecture and Urban Planning could answer that. They're in Milwaukee, too, as are many other one-of-a-kind schools and programs in the UW System.

Madison long has determined to do what it does best, and determined that the Milwaukee campus is the better site for many schools and programs. Madison's medical school dean is supportive of a school of public health in Milwaukee. So are others who have spent years on this -- including in public hearings, when these questions were answered.

Why is this coming up again? What's the agenda?

Marquette University

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