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October 17, 2007


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I think the internet has prompted the retailers to provide more sales...people I know tend to go to stores to make there purchases...there is something about hands on that you don't have on the interenet...the only reason we buy (seldom) on the internet is for this saving and isn't something we have to have right now.


Many states (including WI) have a mechanism for collecting tax due on Internet purchases. Hint: it's on the Income Tax forms. Is our household the only one that ponies up? (I am shocked!) As to letting the states make their own choices about distribution to municipalities from funds collected by the Feds, don't hold your breath. (How much of a cut would the Corporate Subcontractors take?)

Like Anon, we use the Internet to research major purchases which we then get from bricks and mortar stores. Very, very good to have one's decisions made before the sales personnel come over to blind one with chatter.

Agree that Internet retail is no longer in its infancy and needing this break to survive, but the states should do more to remind taxpayers about their legal obligation to keep those purchase records and fork over the funds by mid-April.

Troy Thiel

Good comments on an issue that is getting worse. Clearly, by all indications, internet purchases are getting larger and larger and that means more damage to municaplities and their tax receipts. We are paying for the lost revenue in the end through higher property taxes, user fees and increased sales taxes as we speak do to the loss and lessening of the sales tax revenue stream.

Here's an about a 1-2% sales tax, federal, on ALL internet purchases (getting rid of that state tax conundrum) that is immediately put in our Education funding from the feds...the internet was a product of huge tax subsidy creation from the get go, continued subsidy by tax perks ad infinitum....and its the best example of the technology driven new about it playing it's part in funding our schools to better compete....sustainability anyone?

somewhere in the middle

I agree with Anon. Sites like NewEgg can be cheaper than say BestBuy or Circuit City. {Haven't bought anything from the aforementioned brick-and-mortar stores in awhile, although I've been to a BestBuy only to look (and be bothered by 3 salesmen to buy an HDTV...)}

Unlike deermouse I don't think it will hurt the community as far as revenue. It's on the shoulders of the brick-and-mortar stores; they can compete if they lower their prices to compete - eg, sales tax is fairly close to the cost of shipping at most sites. Get the price close and the brick-and-mortar are now competitive.

And there are many who still refuse to buy online...

somewhere in the middle

Pardon my error, deermouse should be "Troy Theil"

Ross Odom

Mr. Thiel forgets that the internet is used to buy AND sell. I would guess that from his state there is about as much money spent for goods from other states, as there are consumers from other states buying goods from his state. Much of this commerce would not happen without the internet. As sellers generate income and wealth, they are better able to buy more local goods and services and pay more sales taxes that go along with them. Free markets are what sustains.

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