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October 02, 2007


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Further an expanded UW-Milwaukee is good for the entire state as it attracts new talent to Milwaukee and in the long run can improve the cities economy.


Paul, what about the ridiculous Wisconsin State Journal editorial on the racial test score gap?


Important and vital and interesting and all that the comment may be, it's not based in reality. The Madison campus has been deliberately reducing enrollment and sending it to Milwaukee, but without the money for the soaring enrollment at Milwaukee. Madison is not interested in more students from Milwaukee -- as if it was, it certainly could have welcomed them before this.

Milwaukee students are not interested in faculty who drive down from Madison a couple of times a week -- maybe. Why would students want that, when the nationally ranked schools in nursing and social work and many more fields already at Milwaukee were built by nationally known faculty there, who invested in the life of the campus and the city and its students? And no offices for Madison faculty coming to Milwaukee -- so no office hours for students there? Nice.

The reality is that a school of public health at Milwaukee can get certified, because there is no medical school there -- but the school of public health at Madison cannot get certifed, because of the medical school there. That's the rule of the professional accrediting association. That has been reported, repeatedly. That has been discussed at many public hearings on a public health school in Milwaukee. There even is support for the school in Milwaukee from Madison's medical school dean.

Yet others in Madison just can't let it go -- just can't let the Milwaukee campus grow as it deserves to do. It's been that way for more than half a century . . . but it's a new century now. And in this century, this millennium, the Milwaukee campus has the most students from Wisconsin of any school in the state -- the students most likely to stay in the state, and especially in Milwaukee. Serve them here, with their fair share of Wisconsin taxes for a change.

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