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November 29, 2007


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You noticed that, too, huh? While Shoebat comes off as far more of a snake oil salesman to me, free speech is free speech and I agree that the Conservative Union has every right to have him speak. The security fee probably is what you call it, and thanks for picking up on it.

Still, I find it fascinating that Shoebat has become such a darling to the religious far-right. It's not surprising, though: a born-again Christian fundamentalist who calls for crushing any two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (pro Israel) on the one hand, then makes condescending comments about the Jewish people on the other ( ). It seems to me that Mr. Shoebat has simply gone from one kind of dangerous fundamentalism to another.

A UW student


The UW Madison PD tried to do the same thing when the CRs hosted Horowitz. Though the price was only $1500 and not the $2500 as in Milwaukee, the effect was the same. I don't agree with Horowitz and think he does more harm to conservative voices than anything else, but it's still the same tactic.


You win -- but students facing higher costs don't.

JS Online reports the UWM Union (not UWM; they're separate) is rescinding the security fee. So the Union says it will recover the charges some other way.

That way is more soaring student fees that fund the Union (tuition and taxes don't), going even higher.


Why would they need extra security? Maybe Mr. Shoebat has a valid point.

Don't worry about the money pump that is the UWM Union. Just don't forget your Visa when you want to park there.

Paul Clark

Apparently no one here is familiar with

Typical MadisOnion ignorance.


Just suppose Walid is right and that America better wake up. What happens if we don't? Well, that's already decided by a Higher Power. Doesn't matter if you choose to believe it or not, and it is your choice. The people that made fun of Noah perished and many others throughout history that chose not the things of God perished as well. God said their would be those in the last days that would rather believe a lie than the truth. Think about it. . .If I accept what Walid is saying and choose to follow Jesus Christ as a believer and accept His plan of Salvation what do I have to gain? Well, the answer to that my friend is Eternal Salvation with Him. At worse, if it isn't true (which I believe it is), then maybe I would have lived a life with people making fun of me, which they will do anyway, but at least I won't end up in hell for eternity.

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