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December 28, 2007


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My family took the train from Harvard IL to Chicago then on to Washington DC. They didn't lose the luggage, the food was good. It wasn't as cramped as the plane usually is. The train was on time. And it was cheap, cheap, cheap. If only we could have left Madison by train instead of driving to Harvard.

Speaking of Denver...flew in to Milwaukee from there today (with Madison the eventual destination). Of course the winter weather here in Wisconsin meant that the plane was a) an hour and a half late taking off from Denver, despite getting there on time FROM Milwaukee and b) stuck circling around Janesville when the Milwaukee airport closed this afternoon. Frankly, with the amount of snow I saw on the runway when we finally landed, I would have preferred going somewhere else; I don't think planes should be landing in four inches of heavy wet snow, not when they have to come plow out in front of the jetbridge before the plane can move into position because that much has come down since it *landed*.

Missed the bus to Madison and had to catch a later one, but you know what? I'd rather be safe and late than on time and dead.

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