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December 05, 2007


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Mauricio Babilonia

I bicycled to work today, so I guess you'll just have to take me out and shoot me, asshole.

Dan Sebald

No dumber than sliding downhill on a cafeteria tray... whooooooo00000!

Peter Gruett

I think there are a few people in this town who, for whatever reason, don't realize that a bicycle is not an all-weather vehicle. I've had that horrible knot in my stomach, driving at night in a storm and noticing a bike in exactly the wrong place just in time not to slide into him. I suppose you've gotta go where you've gotta go but the buses offer better protection at least until the city can expose the pavement again.

As someone who lives near the path on Glenway, I'm glad the city cleared it (though the cross-country skiers who'd been enjoying it may not be). I hadn't had time to get to my sidewalk immediately Sunday morning and ended up having to attack it with an ice-chipper and a spade-shovel. If the city hadn't cleared the path when they did, it'd probably still be a skating rink.


Isn't there a UW professor working on a snowmobile that runs on healing-crystal energy? Hey, at least you guys can use your dream-catchers for snow shoes. ;)


Bicycling down a snow-and-ice covered street? Pretty dumb. Bicycling during the winter in general? Pretty dedicated and awesome, if you ask me.

There's a difference between the idiot who slides down a busy street and the person going to and from work via (thankfully) plowed bike paths. You should try a little harder to see that distinction.

mad as hell

"I think there are a few people in this town who, for whatever reason, don't realize that a bicycle is not an all-weather vehicle."

And a 2 ton SUV spewing out Carbon and other particulates, gobbling up gallons of gasoline to take one fat ass down to the convenience store for his beer and potato chips is?

a cyclist may be putting his or her life in danger but that person is not threatening you or destroying our planet.

Boots and Snitchens

I hope Brian Blanchard doesn't sic the cops on you for online trash talking like that idiot in West Bend.


Actually, the bicycle *can* be an all weather vehicle. As someone who did so for years, I can attest that riding around in the Wisconsin winter with the same tires and other equipment you used during the summer months, isn't a the best idea. That said, with the proper tires and technique, you can easily, and safely, navigate Madison's roadways - and without impeding traffic.

I commuted on Madison's streets year-round for eight years before moving to DC for two years. In all of those years the only accident I had was during the month of June. I've just returned to Madison, and with my studded snow tires once again installed, will be out slogging to and fro with the rest of you. Feel free to drive, walk, or take the bus on those days when you think biking isn't the best option for *you*, but perhaps you'll consider not being so divisive in your commentary - that is, since you seem to consider yourself a cyclist of such high esteem.


While idiots exist in all forms of transportation there is nothing to compare with an idiot on a bicycle in a snow storm. Those who say they have the right to cycle under such circumstances should know they have a real risk of being splattered by someone who can't see them. The problem isn't cyclists - it's idiots.


You know, some people ride their bicycles for a living. Maybe they should just collect unemployment money from the government rather than work. And those businesses that rely on bicycles should go out of business, too. And all the poor people who can't afford a car, who live too far away for effective bus service, they should just stay at home, get fired from their jobs, and try to live off food stamps.

Here we see the beauty of blogs. Now we can publish anything we want before we use our brains and think about it first.

james wigderson

Maybe we should impose a wheel tax on bicycles during the winter months to pay for the clearing of the bike paths.

Just trying to help.

not paul

Paul, Really ???

Remember gun control ? Now you want to shoot your fellow cyclists because some of them don't follow lockstep with your nuevo fascist mindset de jour ? I wonder if your rant might serve as justification for . I dunno , dooring a cyclist over on Speedway or head slapping another one on Bedford.... BTW, how have you outfitted your winter vehicle, with winter specific tires to keep you from inconveniencing anyone for even a second I hope, cause anything less would be an unconscionable dereliction of cicvic duty, and grounds for being shot....

Michael J. Cheaney

When Wisconsin gets around to socializing healthcare, Will my tax dollars be funding you morons who think its a good idea to cycle in the snow?

james wigderson

Does re-oiling the bike chain to get rid of the road salt contribute to global warming?


Why would people with healthy lifestyles be a burden on your tax dollars? If anything, the health problems stemming from sedentary complainers is keeping my insurance premiums high. The fact that this discussion is even taking place is an affront to common sense. If you think riding a bicycle in the winter is a bad idea....don't do it. But you should consider putting your energy toward complaining about something with more merit than those who happen to have a higher tolerance for "inconvenience" than yourself.

Dar Ward

I don't think it is ever appropriate for anyone, especially someone who has a great deal of public influence, to ever suggest that ANYONE be taken out and shot. Never mind that some would say that those DRIVING CARS in recent conditions are the ones truly putting others in danger.

Not funny, not funny at all.

Melanie Foxcroft

After all the gas is depleted, alternative modes of transportaion such as biking will not be ridiculed or its proponents insulted by the likes of you. Biking is a very legitimate mode of transportation. Try it, you may avoid another heart attack. I biked to work Monday and Wednesday of this week. Think of all the pollution I did not create by biking instead of driving a car or truck (SUV). If you think global warming is not real, and that you and I cannot do something about it, or that biking in all weather is not a legitimate mode of transportation, then you are not worthy of respect. Assuming you able to move past your anger and irrational position, go read up on biking in Amsterdam or other bike-friendly cities. Learn how encouraging communter biking can lower city taxes by requiring less ploughing of huge swathes of roadway to accommodate unrealistic and pampered motorists. Including yourself.

Kathryn Kingsbury

Um, don't you think it's a bit inadvisable to be *driving* in these conditions? If you're so convinced you're going to skid into a cyclist, it seems just as likely that you'll skid into a pedestrian, an automobile (I lost count of how many cars I saw yesterday with no lights on), a lake or a building. So do everyone a favor and stay home during storms. Think of it as a public service, and add it to your resume.


How is it that *so* much vitriol is aimed at cyclists who do little harm other than endangering themselves for a cause they feel is just, yet we shrug helplessly when some person in an SUV runs over a pedestrian or cyclist, slapping them with a moving violation at best?

Listen, the very fact that this blame-the-victim opinion would come out of the mouth of the mayor of one of America's most liberal cities shows how out of control our car culture is.

You're driving a 2000+ lb. vehicle. It can squash a human like a gnat. Deal with the responsibility associated with it and don't blame the source of your cognitive disequalibrium. If a driver loses control of their vehicle and squashes a cyclist, maybe *that* driver shouldn't be out in those conditions, hmm?


Paul Soglin = (Cheney + Grandpa Simpson + Bush) - George Will = Aggressive, crotchety idiot, albeit liberal


Such compassion, Mr. Soglin. Let's murder people who are engaging in an activity that benefits themselves, society and the environment. What a great idea! Not to mention that encouraging people to get into a car for safety reasons is like suggesting that people take up smoking for health reasons.

Charles Robinson

You are a true fucktard for posting a rant like this. Take your SUV and ram it up your bunghole.


I would like to remind everyone that bicycles are NOT traffic obstructions. We ARE traffic. Bikes have equal rights on the road with all other vehicles.


Fat, grumpy, intolerant ex-mayors ought to be shot. Get some exercise, asshole.

Michael J. Cheaney

Melanie Foxcroft said:

If you think global warming is not real, and that you and I cannot do something about it.....

And the 1st thing that those of you who REALLY believe that global warming is real, is get off your Damn Bicycles.

Do you people have any idea just how big your carbon footprint is just by riding one?

you have the aluminum or steel which is stripped from the earth.

It is then shipped to the factory to be processed. (thisinvolves the use of fossil fuels)

The it is processed into coils, which are then shipped to another facility to be made into bicycle parts.

Then it gets shipped yet again to the bicycle factory, where it is assembled into a bicycle.
It then gets shipped to a warehouse where it sits in storage, until some store purchases it.
Then it is shipped to said store until somebody who IS STUPID ENOUGH TO BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE DOING THE ENVIORNMENT A FAVOR BY RIDING A BICYCLE While forgetting all the environmental damage that is done to make it a bicycle FINALLY BUYS IT.

Daily bike commuter


Bikes have a right to the road, BUT, USE COMMON SENSE. The roads were so slippery that everyone was sliding and skiding at slow speeds. That is the time for Bikes to stay off the road so they don't get hit by accident. If I hit a bike, and killed someone it would also ruin my life as well as the lifes of the dead biker. IF YOU RIDE YOUR BIKE ON THE ROAD IN A SNOW STORM YOU ARE AS STUPID AS IT GETS! PAUL SOGLIN is right, I agree with him. Thanks for saying it like it is Paul.

Tim McG

You screwed up on this one: Driving a car in conditions such as you describe puts not only its driver but also anyone along its path in mortal danger. A cyclist, especially when the weather is so crappy, is only going fast enough to hurt himself AND is doing far less marginal harm to the health of all.

On my bike ride this morning, I saw a car, creeping along at almost-slow-enough pace, attempt to stop for a crosswalk and slide right into it. Maybe people trying to cross the street to get to a hospital should be shot, too, to spare them?

I understand you're aiming for humor, but you fucked up this time.


Michael J. Cheaney has just provided proof positive that riding a bike in the snow is NOT as dumb as it gets. Michael J. Cheaney is as dumb as it gets.

Tim McG

Umm, Michael J. Cheaney.

Have you noticed that automobiles use rather a lot of steel, glass, plastic, leather, silicon, paint, rubber, and other materials? I'm just guessing here (I'm not an engineer, though I did work in an engineering and production shop for a while) but I think that most cars might even consist of more material than most bicycles. Maybe somebody should study that--the two of us should apply for some research money!


Is riding a bike in the snow as dumb as your pedophile looking moustache?




When a car and a pedestrian collide, the pedestrian always loses. The common thread here is that cars are dangerous, not that everyone except cars should get off the road. If you can't control your car, stay off the road.


...quick note from california: you implied that you pedaled w/ the best of them...obviously not... takes serious commitment to commute by bike under those conditions &
while it understandably may not suite your purposes, the truth is you lack the will, yet you feel the need to denigrate those that have that will... should be applauding their efforts... regard to your remark ending in, "should be taken out & shot" absolutely irresponsible of you, the mayor, to use such terminology...while you may see it as a jest, i'm sure you have plenty of constituents who read into it that they needn't be as concerned about cyclists...
...they just may be the ones giving a little less consideration on those icy roads the next time & there may be tragic consequences because of it...

...i hope there will be an honest public apology w/ a thoughtful explanation, mr. mayor...lest your 'people' start regarding you in jest...

...good day to you, sir...

Dean W

Wow, you guys actually found someone less intelligent than Dubyah and elected him as mayor!?!
I love the "pedal with the best of them" line..HAHAHAHA
Get some studded tires and try it you MORON! Any local bike shop can sell you some. The rest of the world knows how to ride in the snow, what's so special about Madison? Are your drivers extra dangerous?


...excuse me, that should have read mr. former mayor... vision was clouded by your lack of sensitivity & forethought...


I agree with Lyle. This is a very irresponsible post. Shame on you.


Sorry, I meant to refer to Dar Ward's comment.


the only road I see backed up and jammed is the freeway. Bicycles aren't allowed there. any correlation there?

Ken Sanders

Even us in Canada share all bikers thoughts on this post winterbiking is a enviromently friendly , great exercise , and if its not a all weather vehicle than why do so many people in Finland ride, there weather is far harsher, then us western culture people .We been taught from the time we where young get in the car we are going to the corner store 3 blocks away never thing of a alternative way of getting ther .All like sheep we are till we think for ourselves.

Michael J. Cheaney

Tim McG:

Consider me in! How much you think we could get for our "research"?

sam burdick

as a madison cyclist, cycling promoter and bicycle shop employee I can say this with a full assurance that at least I know what I'm talking about.

You can bike in the winter (provided resonable road conditions). You can bike in a snowstorm (though its not a good idea). Sometimes bicycling is the ONLY way to get anywhere (madison city busses are horrible during storms). And people who say "because X is doing Y in condition Z, which we find irresponsible, X should be taken out and shot" are awful human beings who should contract something flesh-eating and then go out and get a moral bone.

Jerk... I bet you're the guy who was speeding last night down E. Washington because you just HAD to get to Greenbush bakery on Regent. Well HA I got there before you and got the last kringle... Jerk.

Tell it like it is Paul

Dumb asses ride bikes in snow.


Someone summed it up perfectly! Whether its a bike,trike,skatebaord,Geo,SUV,Semi....its still the IDIOT thats the problem!!!
But knowing the great city of Madison even IDIOTS have right,hahaha!! Thats so sick!

somewhere in the middle

My only issue with bikers is those that think that they're on the Tour De France...from everything including them blowing you by at 35mph on a bike path to going double and triple file on street.

I don't think it's that bright to bike in winter either. No law saying you can't...

Matt Logan

Paul, we bicyclists deserve a little more credit than that. Almost every cyclist out there this week knows how dangerous icy roads are. Many of us are using studded tires to avoid slipping under that truck delivering the fresh vegetables. Most of us are experienced enough to know our limits, and know when road surface conditions are beyond our limits.

I think what this blog entry says most clearly is that you don't understand how to ride a bike safely in snow and ice. Fine, then don't ride your bike in the snow and ice. But don't project your fears of snow and ice on me. I have been quite comfortable riding my bike out there this week. In fact, the roads were actually less slick during that second snowfall on Tuesday evening than they were before it on Tuesday morning.

How about you pay more attention to how safely you are operating your car this week, and I'll focus on riding my bike safely. Deal?

Captain Morgan

Holy crap, Paul! 47 comments as of the time I read your post? Wow. Must be a frustrating topic for many bikers and motorists alike.

As an "icebiker" I would have to disagree with you. That said, having armed myself with studded winter tires, winter clothes for cycling, powerful lights in the front and rear, disc brakes, and a helmet.

I rode through the second storm because I had to. From work to the west transfer point - the other options are waiting for the already sporadic 50 bus, or walking through the snow. Or I could have just rode all the way to the square, but I didn't because I'm not as stupid (execution deserving) as you portray me to be.

Both storms in-fact, I have been out on my winter ride, going up hills that cars didn't stand a chance on. You wanna meet some real winter bike snobs? Yellow Jersey staff. They crack me up.

AS FOR MILWAUKEE - THE CITY NEEDS TO TAKE JUST ONE SINGLE LESSON FROM MADISON AND PUT SOME BIKE RACKS ON THEIR BUSES. Madison and Milwaukee are like polarities to me, and I'm living in the positive one. Nothing is positive about Milwaukee to me, especially the baseball team.

Dirk Herr-Hoyman

Gosh, this is a bit of a tempest in a tea pot.
As it turns out, I did venture out on Monday on my bike.
Took one look at the SW Bike trail and decided to go "overland"
on Commonwealth. Got off from time to time.
I've taken my share of spills in ice over the years
and perhaps the memory is the better part of wisdom here.
I was walking my bike, coming back from work at the UW,
trying to cross at Crazylegs and I'll be darned if my
$!@#$ bike didn't go down anyhoo. Took a chunk out
of my leg, which I'm still feeling today.

But hey, today I got back on that horse and rode in
as usual. Only had a few places I had to get off,
where the snow was a tad deep. The only time
I don't bike is when there is ice, the cold I can
take once I get going. If I took the time
to put on studded snow tires, why I'd go on ice

While I will agree with my neighbor Paul that it's not
all that wise to be riding on major streets, I do have
to disagree that all bikes should be off all roads
after a snow/ice storm. Bikes are and should be
considered 1st class traffic citizens. Just like
peds trying to cross Monroe should also have rights
(and I am annoyed when forced to pick up a
red flag to make sure I don't get run over).

Try another topic, Paul. You get about a 2 on the
scale of 10 on this post.

james wigderson

When bicycling is outlawed only Paul Soglin will have guns, or something like that...

jim rowen

Is there a Wisconsin blogosphere comment record?
Go, Paul! I posted your original because it was so right on, at:

Brent Emery

What about people who walk in storms, or those who drive a small car for its economy? What do you say to people who simply don't want to live their life going from one cage to another without living, breathing and loving and experiencing the earth and the community we live in.
Now, I'm happen to be a conservative who happens to love cycling and the outdoors. Just as I avoid certain streets with my car in storms or when the drunks are out, I also choose my route while cycling, in the winter and the rest of the year. Last year my coldest ride was when I dropped my car off for service and road the 11 miles to work at 11 below zero. I had a spectacular ride! And someday I pray for the courage and can't wait to get a divorce from my car! And I won't be bashing you just because you openly bash us cyclists for the jollies of your public rant.
I'm sure you will continue ripping on any group that your fertilized mind happens to stumble upon, so go have your type of fun, I'll have mine on my bike.

Dan Sebald

Whoa! Look at all this. And a conservative who rides. It's the left/right combo.

I live close enough to work that I can walk in winter. I'd consider riding, but I'd need a garage to store a sloppy bicycle. I'm too fond of my thirteen year old Trek to hurt it, so I'd have to acquire a winter bike.

I'd avoid any non-flat roads in slippery conditions, however. For example, Monroe/Regent always has cars sliding sideways going North East on Monroe or going West on Regent. But it's easy enough to avoid certain places from time to time.

james wigderson

What about driving a Segway in the snow? Shoot to kill, or only to maim?


Man! i got here too late and now no one will read my comment :(
But i'll give you my take anyway... gotta say i think you are off the mark on this one.
Bicycles are vehicles. Bicycling is a legitimate form of transportation. Duh.
Kudos to Streets for clearing the bike paths!
Where else will we be safe from the irresponsible nuts sliding their 2 ton vehicles around all out of control? If you can't control your vehicle in a responsible manner, stay off the road.


You know what really pisses me off? Little old ladies who take freaking forever to cross the street - especially in the snow. I also go apeshit when some jerk slows down just cuz its slippery! In other words, I hate cities and I hate the people that live in cities because they get in my way. Geez Paul - you are such an insightful guy maybe you should run for mayor. Oops - you got the shit beaten out of you the last time you ran. I wonder why?


Well Paul, I understand, I got PMS this week too. But I only vent it on my family lol, not the whole City...

Brian Hanson

Regarding bicycling in the winter. I think what is being overlooked by all is that both storms occurred on weekends, a time when the city of Madison and other nearby communities decide to neglect clearing the snow adequately due to their desire to not spend money. Hence, we have ice left over from a previous storm under fresh snow from the next storm. Add to this the fact that all day Sunday (the day after the storm) the fresh snow was partially melted but not pushed aside by the plows. Now what you have after the cold front comes in Sunday nite, is packed ice on the streets with frozen ruts. Once this happens and the temperatures remain cold, the plows cannot remove it.

I commute to work on bicycle year-around and travel the bike paths as much as possible, but in some areas there are no paths and I must travel the streets. Alot of the bike routes are on streets that are inadequately plowed because they are "side streets". Some winters the snow pack on these streets becomes greater than 3".

I used to live in the U.P. on Lake Superior. What was very noticeable my first winter here is that cities in the U.P. clear the roads alot better because they have much better equipment and they know better what treatment to use for every condition. I think road crews from the Madison area should meet with those in the U.P. to learn best practices for effective winter road treatments. I think Madison does not get enough experience with it.

Right wing icebiker

Wow Paul,
As a year round blue collar bike commuter, who put on my studded tires when I saw the forecast for the first storm, I have to say I agree with you completely. Unfortunately the knee jerk reaction of all the detractors here are doing what they do best. They are reacting like a bad union and defending the actions of the irresponsible minority. They refuse to accept the fact that there are idiots out there giving them a bad name. In there desire to represent bikers as a whole they lower themselves to the level of their worst bicyclist. I know the kind of biker you're ranting about. They think nothing of delaying anyone who is unlucky enough to get behind them. Unfortunately these people are often the "political bikers" who love to get back at auto driver by "legally" forcing them to be delayed. I agree with your sentiment that they should be harassed. And don't worry, not one of the dip shits who have posted here truly believe that you actually want to shoot anybody with a gun.


Taken out and shot? What is this? Nazi Wisconsin? Who else should be shot, Paul? How about the homeless? Or handicapped individuals who couldn't navigate their wheelchairs safely on unshoveled sidewalks. Where's your studded jackboots?

Did you ever stop to think that while these people maybe unsafe riding there bicycles down the street, you driving your car down the snowy street is much more dangerous. The bicyclist may be putting there own life at risk but when your car slides out of control you could damage property, your car, some one else's car, or even hurt someone. I am pretty sure if my bike slides out of control I will only injure myself.


While I am sure there were dumb asses on their bikes, this sounds like it's written from an old person who believes they now know how everyone should make their way in the world.


Bicyclists and lawyers. When the revolution comes -- up against the wall.

So I guess I'll be shot. I biked all winter last year, and that was mostly on the paths. This year it's almost all street biking. Monday and Tuesday it was Park street. The drivers there seem very understanding and respectful other traffic (like me on my bike). I try to be as courteous as I can be in return. I wear bright clothes and lights, avoid swerving into traffic, bike as quickly as is safe, and always use hand signals. What I expect from drivers is that they have their windows cleared, see me, give me space, and treat me like the slow-but-reasonably-safe vehicle I am. On Monday I spent a lot of time in the most cleared lane (NOT the bike lane), and I love and appreciate the drivers who didn't shoot me, or run me over.

Thank you!


Before posting really stupid, uninformed comments, please do some research. Just because you can't imagine doing something yourself doesn't mean it's not practical and safe. Check out for a start.

Cycling in winter, in a vehicular style, with proper lights, tires, and skills is at least as safe for the operator, and much safer for everyone else around, as driving some overweight SUV. All that AWD equipment you feel you need just to get to the grocery store adds to the momentum of an already heavy vehicle when you need to stop, which may be why you're so afraid of sliding into cyclists (and pedestrians, cop cars, city alderman etc. I would imagine).

Try paying attention and slowing down to the point where you can maintain care and control of that thing, instead of blaming whatever you hit when you lose control. Did you ever take a driving lesson? Don't you realize that's your fundamental responsibility?

As for silly comments about the environmental cost of manufacturing and operating a bicycle vs a car, I've also done some research. Did you know that any one of these cars and trucks people drive around in weigh more than the people they're transporting? Even the Smart Cars. Even if every seat is full, which is rarely the case! Some people apparently don't realize this. How the hell can that be efficient? One could ask why we should allow the operational envelope of such dangerous machinery to encompass public pathways used by pedestrians and cyclists?

If this mayor claims to be some kind of cyclist, and cares about his city and the people he represents, perhaps he should expand the horizons of his mind before displaying his ignorance.

And even if his comment, about the use of lethal force against law abiding citizens exercising their fundamental rights was meant to be tongue in cheek, this was way beyond merely offensive. An abject apology would be a place to start.


go get 'em paul. i saw a biker wipe out on w. mifflin on wednesday and it wasn't even snowing. he was damn lucky he didn't end up underneath the car driving in front of me. what did the biker do after he fell? he got up and walked his bike. guess the wipeout knocked some sense into him.

madison has some of the dumbest bikers around. they think they own the road.


The real problem is the amount of cars and SUVs. Pedestrians and cyclists are not considered worthy of the most common courtesy by huge SUVs. Last November (2006) I was hit by a truck, speeding and making an illegal left turn around another car as I walked across University Avenue in the crosswalk, mind you. Truck driver got ticket. I got a fractured pelvic ring and 15 staples to the back of my head, after waking up from literally being knocked out of my shoes. We need better places to cross the street such as pedestrian/cycling bridges.


Hey Soglin,Leave the damn bikers alone.
last time I saw you was at the Dow demonstration back in '68. You were standing in a crowd of hippies on Bascomb Hill, blood streaming down your head from where the pigs had hit you with a baton.

I liked you better then.


"madison has some of the dumbest bikers around. they think they own the road."

Hello, I'm a cyclist. I DO own the road.

That is to say, I own it at least as much as anyone else does.


MR. Soglin...You claim to be a cyclist, but I doubt that very much. As an active cyclist, you should realize that there is enough road rage out there already. Your misguided advocacy of violence against cyclists only encourages the fringe that is susceptible to this. I look forward to your apology.

Not Paul

Hey Tom, Why fuck do you think YOU own the road ?

Not Paul

Tom : SORRY, previous post attributed to you, should have been directed @ steve-o

SO... steve-o :

Hey steve-o, Why fuck do you think YOU own the road ?

Brett Farrey

Mayor's who don't finish their term should be shot.


i don't think i own the road and i'm all for cyclists. saying that, we have a disproportionate number of bikers here in madison who believe that they have more of a right to the road than motorists. same goes for pedestrians who think nothing of stepping in front of moving traffic outside of a crosswalk. bottom line, there is a large number of folks here using the roadways in madison who aren't in a motor vehicle who believe they ALWAYS get the right of way. you can go ahead and deny this but you know i'm right. yeah, sure, i'm polluting the earth and i'm an asshole. i can assure you however that i have more control of my car than you do of your bike. but you get out there in the next storm with your feelings of superiority because you bike. good on ya buddy. you'll show us all!

i look forward to your reply, not paul. please be sure to include lots of swear words to get your point across. that works so well.

don't want to be ruled by the middle east

I am sick and tired of America-haters who want everyone to drive enough to allow the Saudis to own our whole country. Patriots pedal, traitors drive!

I know you're tired of the "nitwits" responding to your 'Bicycling in Madison' posting but really, in this age of random shootings and violence, is this anyway to talk, even if you are being sarcastic/funny and never actually intend on firing a gun???
It's insensitive and irresponsible!
Shame on you!!


Dear Paul,

I challenge you to a duel, with snowballs of course! Make sure to wear your helmet!



Well, Mr. Soglin, it's my road too, and if you're not happy about me being on
it then it's good my goal isn't to please you.
I really had no choice but to ride my bicycle in the snow Tuesday night because
I didn't want to sleep in my office.
If I tried to go to work and back by car, it would take it 40 minutes or
more to get out of the block that I live on. My block is one of the last
areas plowed, even though it's on a hill with a dead end. People routinely
get stuck there, and I don't want to be one of them.
I'd prefer to always use the bicycle lane, but it isn't always plowed.
I right as far to the right as I can ride without riding on ice, and
I occasionally pull over for a moment to allow cars to pass.

If you think I should be shot, I think you should also be shot
for your attitude. Or at least get beaned with a big snowball.


I see drags do cause brain damage Soglin you should lay off them
Bike commuting is part of Madison good or bad weather. Plow the Bike lane in Madison and surrounding community’s so I can save GAS and ride my bike to work


These vehicles clearly have no business in the roadway. This is Wisconsin, and in Wisconsin we get snowstorms, and nobody should be allowed to use a vehicle that is poorly equipped to handle snow. Doing so can result in death, serious injury or property damage.
I propose that any vehicle ill-equipped to handle winter driving may not be permitted on the roadway during snowstorms. Bicycles and mopeds will obviously be the first vehicles banished, but also Segways, golf carts, rickshaws, motorcycles, rear-wheel-drive sports cars, and any car with those low profile tires will also be illegal to operate in a snowstorm.
It is important that we make it clear to these hippie-bike-nuts, that no matter how brave, strong, skilled and good-looking they are, the car is the most important vehicle on the road. Particularly MY car, I have somewhere to be!


I have nothing against bicyclists per se, but Madison has plenty that are exceedingly stupid, which wouldn't be so bad if they weren't also exceedingly arrogant. Just read the above comments for proof. I'm glad you've convinced yourself that you're superior to the rest of us or saving the planet by slip-sliding along ice-encrusted potholes. But forcing your fellow road-users to endanger you, themselves and the vehicles behind them to accomodate someone who can not and will not maintain a safe speed commensurate with the rest of traffic (something that's slightly important when any sudden pressure on the brakes will send ANY vehicle, bike or car, sliding around like bumper cars) is neither noble nor intelligent. Drivers may get mad, but that's usually because they DON'T want to hit your stupid ass, and a decent percentage of bicyclists are making it as hard as possible to avoid that. Especially on snow-covered roads, Mayor Soglin makes a solid point. Take some responsibility for your own safety and realize drivers are not evil, and the very fact that you're still here is proof that 99.999999% will do whatever they can to avoid you and keep you safe.


I'm the guy in the picture and I've ridden my bike to work every day for nearly 7 years. I have several bikes set up for various weather conditions, including snow and ice. I am almost 50 years old and have nothing to prove to anyone--I like biking and am confident in my abilities. It is as natural for me to ride in weather that others may find risky as it is for has been politicians to seek attention. No need to shoot anyone.

winter biker

The number 1 reason why I take a bike is convenience. Driving a car clogs the roadways and I just sit in traffic. The bus is not dependable, nor is it close to where I live. My commute with a bike is 3 times faster than that of a car or a bus.

If you want to ban winter bikes, ban the other idiots too:

- Cyclists that ignore the road traffic rules (if we share the roads, we should share the laws/fines too)
- Drivers that drive too fast in bad conditions (one would think they learned from the year before)
- Drivers that are too cheap to get winter tires or an ice scraper
- Drivers that own an ice scraper but clear a just enough to see out a 1x1 foot hole
- Drivers that decide to go the mall in a winter storm, adding extra strain on the on the already strained roadways
- Drivers that complain about traffic while believing that someone else should fix the problem, especially when they could have taken a bus, carpool, or even a bike (especially applies to former mayors).


Regarding the comment:
"When Wisconsin gets around to socializing healthcare, Will my tax dollars be funding you morons who think it’s a good idea to cycle in the snow?"

It may, but most of the funds are going to be diverted to relieve pressure off of rising energy costs or the millions of obese Americans that their related health problems (diabetes, etc).


"i saw a biker wipe out on w. mifflin on wednesday and it wasn't even snowing. he was damn lucky he didn't end up underneath the car driving in front of me. what did the biker do after he fell? he got up and walked his bike. guess the wipeout knocked some sense into him."

I assume the moment he fell, you got out of your car and helped him out, like any fellow citizen would do. If not, the rest of us should remember you, when you get into an accident and need help.

gary moddes

Your Royal Paulie dude,

I rode with you on 2 Heartland Rides (the bald guy, Gary)
I know what you were meaning but perhaps the words (in cyber shitess) are mizz-interpeted? :-)

I actually have always been p'd with "dip-stick" riders for yrs..

Perhaps you might have (as the "Big P" I remember) just suggested a more responsive decision agenda to: Ride or not ride per Paladin Have ride will travel...???

We both know how UW riders "blow" the good impression" of riders that the rest of us have created..but somehow we need IMO, to instruct/teach/lead/capture-teach ways to ride ,,as the Heartland Rides did/do/should...?????

Somehow, not just here in the MAD-Town, we need to educate riders of how we can affect non-biker-road-sharers to co-existence before they disappear.


You are/were "right-on" for alll the right reasons but possibly might have "leveled' it in a diff. way?

Gary Moddes



"i saw a biker wipe out on w. mifflin on wednesday and it wasn't even snowing. he was damn lucky he didn't end up underneath the car driving in front of me. what did the biker do after he fell? he got up and walked his bike. guess the wipeout knocked some sense into him."

I assume the moment he fell, you got out of your car and helped him out, like any fellow citizen would do. If not, the rest of us should remember you, when you get into an accident and need help. "

you must be joking. this dumbass popped right back up because if he didn't, he would have gotten run the f*ck over. i was a good 15 yards away. go pound sand up your ass, jackoff.


Soglin, you and today's car culture have it all wrong. A bicycle is many times safter in ALL weather than a car. I commute to work year round regardless of weather: snow, ice, rain, you name it. A bicycle weighs far less, and is much easier and safer to control in snow and ice if you have the right tires w/ studs. If a bicycle hits someone, injury rarely results. The same is not true for cars. The only danger to cyclists in snow are the cars. How can people claim to be able to reasonably control a half ton metal projectile flying down an icy, snowy road? Look at the statistics, deaths and serious injury caused by cars vs. bicycles.

Excuse me for not using gasoline and spewing carbon emmissions when my commute takes less time by bike, is healthy for my body, and is far safer. I will continue to enjoy every minute of my commute regardless of weather. The car driver can rarely say the same.

Still want to shoot me?


You people who took "The bicyclists who braved the week's second storm should be taken out and shot" comment seriously should be taken out and shot. Buncha pansies.

I don't want to be ruled by the Middle East

I can't believe how many gas-guzzling, terrorist-loving traitors there are in Madison, WI. Amazing.

Gruntwilligar T. Honkenoffski

Shoot bicyclists and/or trail riders??? Are you a total idiot? The people in the US are fat enough and now some nitwit like you comes along saying they should be shot!?! You should be encouraging people to get some exercise. Or was your real intention to shoot down your political career?


Typical right-wing whacko--thinks shooting people will solve all his problems.

I love my bike

Cheers to the people's republic of Vermont, for not having trigger happy nutjobs like this guy.

Up tha bike punx! Bikes run on fat, and they're free.

I can't wait until all the cars are gone.


Biking in the winter puts hair on your chest, and gives you and opportunely to push stuck cars out of the drifts. Soglin is a wuss for driving hiding in his car in a snow storm.

Tom Cordery

BTW, not a lot of sliding going on here (2007 Toronto ice bike races). Most cars / SUV's couldn't make these turns, at these speeds, even with modern winter tires. Properly equipped (tires, fenders, lights & reflectors), bicycles are totally practical for winter transportation. A bicycle can be set up to handle any combination of snow and ice. Also winter is much kinder on a bicycle than on a car.

Paul, you can do it if you take the time to learn how.

Snow Rider

It's interesting. A bike with properly equipped tires can handle snow and ice much better than the average car, and better than most cars 'equipped' for bad weather. Furthermore, should a cyclists make a mistake, his chances of injuring someone else are pretty slim. The same can't be said for a driver.

I drive a car, and I ride my bike. In horrible weather, I'll always opt for my bike. If you can't control your vehicle, you should stay off of the roads--whether your vehicle is a car or a bike. Some random, idiotic comment that 'cyclists should be shot' does wonders for your blog hits and all, but really, I can't understand the answer to life's fundamental question: why are people so stupid?


gotta love gavin calling soglin a right-wing whacko. hee hee!


Former Mayor Paul, oh wise and glorious one. Please allow a simple supplicant like myself to humbly ask a stupid question.

Exactly how many bicyclists in Madison have died as a result of riding in a snowstorm on an unplowed street?

Certainly, this must be one of the leading causes of death in Madison? Very strange how this terrible problem has not been mentioned in any news media, until the most wise and glorious one decided to write a blog entry about it.

Perhaps, in my simplicity, I have misunderstood - maybe there are not any or many deaths - just an overwhelming number of near fatal or crippling injuries?

Please forgive my ignorant attempts to understand this terrible problem by asking for facts - people like me who would question the all knowing one should be shot, too. In fact, anyone who behaves or says things that the all knowing one disapproves of should be shot.


Some of us don't actually get to choose not to drive. I have epilepsy, it's not a good idea for the state to give people with my problem a driver's license. since no bus goes anywhere near where I work, I ride a bike.
I ride through neighborhoods wherever possible, on sidewalks when necessary, on the snowy major roads (like old sauk) only when absolutely necessary.

How about this idea, all you wonderful car drivers - if you ever get a dui, you NEVER get your license back. No second chances. How many of you fat jerks are driving around half drunk anyway, with a phone stuck to your ear and a gerbil stuck up your ass.

See how you like being stuck without a driver's license for the rest of your life.

Madison Cyclist

I have rather enjoyed your "blog." I, however, fail to see how you can consider yourself a cyclist. I guess you must contend to be a cyclist to fit in with the Madison "culture." Nice try.

I will bike in any storm. No matter how much snow. I will not bike down a busy road. I will stay on bike paths and back roads. Do you want to shoot me too? I bet you would shoot me in the back of the head, when I least expect it? Coward!

I am new to Madison and your comments make me sick. I can't believe you are an ex-Mayor. I guess I understand why you are no longer a Mayor. Learn how to voice your opinion in a construcive fashion or shut the hell up.

Had you taken the time to acutally say something meaningful, perhaps people would listen. Because you obviously have not learned how to speak, you will never get anybody to listen!

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