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December 27, 2007


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I heard the GB mayor on NPR a few days ago....He basically said that he was in charge of deciding which are real religions, like Christianity, and which are not. And he had the job of deciding what symbols the city should allow. He's the decider! Thank you, mister Green Bay mayor, for letting the rest of the country think that all of us in Wisconsin are ignorant hicks. Thanks! Jon


Do you know how to spot a couple of Packer fans? 300 pounds, foul mouthed, beer guzzling and her husband.


Thoroughly embarassing, to be a Green Bay resident and be subjected to this by our councilman and mayor. I don't think they are the majority.


This idiot ( Fradette )is my alderman here in Green Bay.
Thankfully I won't have to vote against him this spring as he is not running for reelection.
He has higher hopes .... State Senator perhaps.

The problem with Green Bay is even deeper.
You almost got it with "parochial overlords" , but it's not quite right.
Stupidity is a virtue here and petty poltitical thuggery the old grade norm.

UWGB has been no exception.
Hidden "parochial overlords" as you refer to them have caused trouble for decades.
Well ... I best shutup now, but ..... I could be quite specific, really !

The bright side on this is that two UWGB Biology Profs have joined the suit against Fradette and Schmitt.
And on a better note a local Catholic Priest, is the local news Person of the Year for keeping his homeless shelter open in defiance of City Hall.

P.S. Good to see we have found common ground on the winter bicycle thing !
I was the the 3-speed drum brakes with the Campy crank.

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