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December 27, 2007


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Lisa Subeck

Is this the survey you are looking for?


The survey shows taxes are the top policy problem facing Wisconsin and cutting taxes is the one thing state government could do to improve the business climate.

Get in the game, Paul.

You need to support tax cuts, smaller government and growth, hope and opportunity.

Surrender to free market economics and you will feel much better.

Feel the love of economic freedom. Feel the power of lower taxes and smaller government.

C'mon. You can do it.

Lisa Subeck

After a second look, I don't think this is the survey Paul was looking for. This is simply a survey of WMC's own Board of Directors. Its sample did not include its general membership or other CEOs. The survey Paul was expecting surveys CEOs of manufacturing companies across the state.

Raul, this survey does not say taxes are the state's biggest concern. Rather, the survey indicates that WMC's Board of Directors believes taxes are the biggest concern. Essentially, WMC's leadership surveyed itself to back up its own opinions without regard for those of its membership at large.

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