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December 19, 2007


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Cal C. Fide

Keep reading. Now she's trying to connect you with the Sterling Hall bombing.


Eesh, yeah, did you read the rest of her post? Not only does she connect (but certainly not accuse, oh no) you to the Sterling Hall bombing, but then goes on to say "The fact [the bombing] is so well known and so uncontroversial says something by itself. Wisconsin: Meet your liberal blogosphere. Meet the Democratic intellectual elite."

Oh yeah, that's the voice of a person whose endorsement I want.


Methinks Mr. Soglin was not entirely serious in touting the "endorsement," but perhaps was pulling someone's chain.


I've read the news articles. If I remember right they said:

"Anti-War protesters uncontroversially bombed Sterling Hall this morning."


xoff: Could be you're right. I am sometimes notoriously dense--it's a side effect of being a liberal blogger.

Mike Plaisted

Congrats, Paul! I've been trying to get her attention for-ev-er. I'm so jealous. Now, if I could only get Sykes to let me on the air...

Mike Basford

I don't mind you calling me a "left -wing, snot-nosed, disrespetfucl punk." Just don't shoot, okay?


Okay. If you'll just only stand still for a moment I'll genuflect in your general direction.

Just remember, you're getting all of that high praise from a woman who needed to have the "noun, verb, 9-11" joke explained to her.


In my opinion, it was your stories about Chicago hot dogs that put you over the top.


I still think Paul should be licensed as a sewage treatment plant although every so often he is, correct.


"Jessica McBride, the real one not Whallah!"

I take umbrage, sir. This makes Whallah! seem like a McBride wannabe. That is libel, and downright mean. Whallah! is the defender of truth, the protector of reality, the fortress upon which the local right wing media futiley throw themselves.

In other words, please correct your post to "Whallah!, the anti-McBride".

since when is disagreement and challenge considered disrespectful and why do you have to name drop all of the time

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