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December 24, 2007


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michael donnelly

I'm all for alternate side parking all winter -- and while we're at it for a strict towing policy for folks who violate this rule when there's snow. The reason people have a problem with it is a basic lack of foresight. Too many people own cars but rent apartments without parking. "I need my car to get to work," they moan. Based on my experience, if you work first shift and live on the Isthmus, odds are pretty good that Madison Metro will work for you. But even if it won't, I believe you have a responsibility to make sure you'll have somewhere to put your car. Parking isn't a right.


Alternate side parking on the isthmus from May-November is only for one day a week and is only from 8-11:30 am, so it's not at all comparable to winter alternate side parking. I don't think we need to get rid of the Snow Emergency Zone downtown, we just actually need to aggressively enforce it with towing, plowing and possibly pushing the timing so that it lasts long enough in the morning for the plows to actually go through.

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