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December 10, 2007


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Before we wax nostalgic about some imaginary golden era of snow removal in Madison, my thirty plus years in this city (on the isthmus and near east side) says that it's never been very good. Paul is right about it getting even worse with this first storm, but the ice made this one especially bad. The expansion of the city is a salient point and can certainly add to the slow response and incomplete clearing of major roads as well as side streets. But my corner (adjacent to an elementary school) for the past 22 years has never experienced efficient or complete snow removal. Ice-rutted streets are nothing new in Madison. I think snow emergency parking regulations should extend beyond downtown. Parked cars are a huge factor. More salt would also help, but I understand (and support) the attempt to limit salt use. Over time, I've become accustomed to these winter struggles and don't think that it was significantly better in the (good?) old days.

Jim C.

I love the new trash system -- snow and all. The cans didn't cause any noticeable problem in my beautifully cramped near east side neighborhood.


My neighborhood on the far west side off of South High Point Rd. has been hist by graders twice this year. My street still has several inches of loose snow covering it, so we could use another pass or two. It would be nice if they tried to widen the street as well. Right now we've lost between two to three feet on each side of the street. We've been here four winters now so I've become used to it. Once the snow falls I don't bother trying to go up the slight incline for a week or so. I go downhill to get out of the neighborhood.
The thing I really don't understand though is we've had snow plows throwing sand come through twice now since Friday. They don't bother to clear any snow, just throw some sand. All throwing sand on the snow covered street is doing is making our pretty white snow brown. It certainly isn't improving the driving conditions.


For some reason Madison Transit allows huge snow piles at the bus stops. Try climbing one, balancing with nothing to hold on to, then somehow getting into the bus which is already slick with water. It's quite a feat, I tell ya! Why can't they be cleared?
I haven't lived here 30 years but in the few years I've lived here I've been amazed at the problem with snow removal. After all this is Madison, WISCONSIN. It snows here. Yet every year it is like a surprise that it snowed and the city seems impotent to do anything about snow removal.


My neighborhhod is the Blackhawk subdivision on the far west side. It is a popular neighborhood for executives relocating to Madison (I'd estimate 50% of my neighbors are in this category). The average home in Blackhawk pays a property tax bill of $12,000 and snowplowing is most visible service provided by Madison (the kids go to Middleton schools). So, the terrible plowing performance (the worst anyone has experienced and in stark contrast to the plowed/snowblown and shoveled walks and driveways) makes citizens feel that even basic city services are being ignored.


But we can't buy more equipment, Paul. We need to continue occupying Iraq so we can bring the wonderful benefits of shopping, er, I mean, freedom to that country.

There's a limited amount of money, folks. If you're gonna keep electing guys like Clinton and Bush and insisting on an imperialistic foreign policy, where we currently have troops in 130 countries, then you are just not going to have enough money to buy snow removal equipment and pay these folks a decent wage/benefits.

Steven Stehling

Brian, please specifically detail the funds Clinton or Bush took away or denied from the City of Madison. The local government has a lot of money. I'm sure they'd like to have more, but they'd spend it the same way they do now. If they wanted more road equipment, they could've bought it. I don't have the total the city spent on researching Mayor Dave's stupid trolley idea, but I bet it could've paid for at least one plow.

Ticked Off

The snow removal in the Sauk Heights neighborhood on the far west side is deplorable. There was so much snow on Fargo Trail this evening that I saw a TRUCK with 4-wheel drive get stuck. This is because the city never even bothered to plow back there after the last 3 snowfalls. After the first snowfall the streets weren't plowed for a good 30+ hours.

Great job, City of Madison. Keep up the good work. (This is sarcasm. People who read this blog do not understand sarcasm judging by the responses Paul got to his joke about shooting people who bike in the snow.)


How are all those silly little round abouts working out for ya? Great idea to put them on all the already narrow streets so now instead of the cars going straight through the intersection they have to aim right at the corner and then swerve to the left making me wonder if I will be run over while standing on the corner. Mayor Dave, you are the greatest thing that ever happened to this city (not)... where are all the bikes with plows on them? How are those plows working out in the new subdivisions where you now make the streets so narrow you can't get by the UPS truck when it is parked even on a good day? All we need is bikes, and live above the shoe store we work in so we can walk to work, block the evil cars, make the peasants clear the snow away from the road in front of their house like they do in China, think how much money we would save to spend on rain gardens, ride your bike to work in the winter, life would be so much better... I hope the people will get out and vote next time so we can get this city back to doing things like plowing streets and cutting the grass in parks. How much money will it cost us to remove all the traffic blocking devices that have been put in over the last year or two after we get the government back from the hands of a few nuts that have somehow been put in charge?

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