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December 11, 2007


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Mark F.

Well if this ever comes to pass, the hoards of winter bikers will probably leave the bike paths and instead take to the streets. Chaos is sure to follow.


The question is what to call Chancellor Soglin: "Your Honor" or "Your Majesty?"

Barry Orton

Paul asks me to call him "Your Excellency." In informal settings, just "Excellency."

I still want him to be Mayor.

Steven Stehling

Soglin is a polarizing figure. Having him as the head of the UW could cause some to become unreceptive to the UW's needs because they do not care to deal with him. That is a fact of life.

You may also want to downplay his experience ...(Steve I deleted your comments which come from a disgruntled individual who will not show himself. Tell your buddy to come forward and make it clear that he releases all confidentialty (for me and the prior employer) as to who he is, the nature of his complaint, and that I can discuss him and his job performance and the comments can stand. I have only deleted a handful of 2500 comments made to my blog in two years. Anonymous, cowardly accusations to which I legally cannot respond will not be allowed. And I never said a word to anyone or stopped anyone from displaying an American flag or any other symbol of patriotism at work.)
I think the UW should promote a capable administrator currently on staff, not hire someone because they have name recognition.


Rumor and conjecture about someone's job performance in a private company are not really something that should be stirring on the internets. Leave that out of this. And PS, there wasn't an "office" of Paul Soglin in his tenure at Epic - so rumor and conjecture with patent falsehoods degrade the validity of the assertions even further.

Paul would be a great candidate to be the chancellor of UW. Running a university is being a public manager, something at which Paul has a proven track record of success. The key for the next chancellor though is going to require being an effective voice for the UW to carrying the message out to the state that the Wisconsin Idea is alive and well, that it should be, and that it can be even greater.

The public support for having an internationally-acclaimed university is vital right now to buoy an institution that is at once booming and flagging (loss of professors, public opinion/credibility damaged here and there, etc). Who has the vision for where the university should go? That sure is a good question that a search committee should answer. But more importantly, the search committee needs to find someone who is a credible and effective messenger of the Wisconsin Idea - to all parts of the state, and frankly, to enough parts of the legislature so as not only to not defund the UW, but instead to foster a strong working relationship and greater support for the UW in the 21st century from its homestate.

This is not just some college in our backyard - it's a major driver of this state's economy, part of what develops the minds and character of our population, and a pinnacle in the American university system. So we cannot look to the UW to just promote from within some capable administrator - this position requires a dynamic leader with the vision and talents to right UW's ship where it has gone off-course and continue to push it where it thrives.

I think that Paul could be aptly be described to fit that mold in many ways. It will be interesting to see what happens from the UW over the next few weeks and months.


Some good thoughts, Peter -- but much of what you say is the job of the president of the UW System, not the chancellor of one campus, even if it is in Madison.

The muddling of the two in the public's mind is part of the problem for the UW System in this state. It might help to move System administration to another site -- say, on the I-94 corridor, between the two largest campuses.

The old Purple Gobbler site would be about right.

Ricardus Aquilo

Talk about coming full circle. I remember Paul strutting around the UW campus,the SDS minions, hanging on his every word while Paul costumed ala Che` Guevera, preached the destruction of the University. Well, if all goes as stated, he will get his chance.

As rebellious as we all thought we were, I remember the venom Comrade Soglin shouted above the din. How soon we forget

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