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December 20, 2007


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Dan Sebald

This is why I thought a well designed Sequoya branch was imperative and felt frustrated by the lack of real thought put into its design, especially in that area of attracting young patrons. The current space does fairly well at that, given its limitations. The plans for the new space looked like a secluded play area.

The whole process was no joy. And then there are developers who, after all that work of getting approval from city committees and the testimony of neighborhood residents, turn around and scrap essential elements of the original development. Union Corners and Hilldale are two very recent examples.


I've been a fan of Libraries since I first learned to read. Living in GB, it is a nice library.


What you saw that day at the Brown County Library is what you see every day at each of its branches. The computers always are filled with people doing the kinds of work you described. All overseen by a quality, hard-working staff that has been lacking a permanent director for some time because the county simply won't pay the going price for a director for a system of Brown County's size.

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