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December 16, 2007


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Lets name names - we can handle it. A simple list of board members and their employers from M-7 will do.

Clark Green

I neither agree nor disagree with WMC's views. However, Paul's "facts and stats" are the ones skewed not the WMC's. Take a look at the URL. Fact is, 7th is correct. Fact is, even with Fed include WI is 13th. And may I point out going higher with Doyle's new taxes for 2008. These are taxes on the individual. Paul skews the stats by claiming "tax revenue collected". Does anyone care how much the State collects? If it comes out of fewer pockets (State by population) it's still the individual that pays! Nice try Paul. Scary thing about your misleading info, some people will actually believe it without checking "the facts".


Clark: you missed the point.

The Taxfoundation information is garbage. It is not accurate, nor is it valuable in making intelligent decisions about Wisconsin's tax or user fee situation.
I do not skew the figures since what I am doing is looking at ALL of the revenues that Wisconsin governments collects from taxes and fees.

After all, are you suggesting that when government collects money and calls it a fee and not a tax, we should ignore it? If so you are out of step with most right-wing pundits.

The Taxfoundation is run by morons who cannot count.

Re: Clark Green

Did you completely ignore the part where he talked about taxes AND fees? You think there's a real difference between the money you give the state out of every paycheck and the money you give when you renew your license tabs?

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