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January 22, 2008


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While growing up during the 60s and 70s my mother, who grew up and came of age during the depression and WWII, always warned us, whenever she thought that we were taking our blessings for granted, that "You should have to live through a depression and a great war."

Well now, thanks to Dubya, I'm getting the chance!

Michael J. Cheaney

All that along with a shortfall in state tax revenue, Means our taxes will be going up yet again!!! (Because remember, State government is already operating bare bones. pfft)


Jack Lohman

I don't know, Guys, but some day someone has to put a stop to our moneyed political system. Virtually all of today's problems has its roots in campaign cash. See

Jack Lohman

Bob Keith

Whaa? The Play House is listing? Johnson/Nixon; Ford/Carter; Bush/Clinton/Bush/maybe-Clinton-agian. What's the matter here? Two-party paradigm got us all down? Veit Nam / Recession / Iraq / Recession. Ya'll should try to work blue-collar for the 40 years in question here. Give it a try when you have some free time.

Keep voting in the millionaire, two-party, du-opoly. I so look forward with bated breath to their next war and much anticipated recession.

We are after all, their obedient suckerssssss!

Bob Keith


Well Michael do you get it? Whatever does happen with state government is because the crap created by the wasteful spending in Iraq is now flowing downhill.

Better get used to Democratic party rule. Thanks to the economy the Democrats will be in charge for the next generation.

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