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January 17, 2008


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Dan Sebald

"The exceptions of some rights that are omitted that children do not enjoy is a very short list."

The parent/child privacy right thing is still in legal limbo... Stay out of my room! Ehh!


"The presumption that a high school kid has rights is precisely the attitude that empowers them to make bad decisions."

Just like adults.

Jess Wundrun

I'm not sure if I understand this correctly: two human cells joined together from sperm and ova should have full constitutional rights. Teens, a mass of trillions of cells, should not have any rights. When, exactly, are these rights forfeited, in the conservative mind?


Belling did an entire portion of his show about a month ago about why Arrowhead is so much better than other schools at everything but especially sports. I didn't listen for his answer but am sure that it has to do with the level of competition that they force their kids into. Not quite sure why he has such a thing for Arrowhead, the implications of the random drug testing are astounding. But given Arrowhead's rather major drug issue, perhaps it is warranted.

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