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January 29, 2008


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Maybe I'm cynical (oh I guess not maybe) but this is the standard for corporations isn't it? The goal is to maximize revenue now. Employees are just another resource that is priced and commoditized (hence human resources). How much does it cost to replace a worn out one and how is that cost amortized over the net production value of the employee resource?

You write as though this is somehow surprising when really it is an obvious result of attempting to extract optimal productivity. I think it should be expected. Any employee who does not expect to be treated like a replaceable part is living in fantasy land.

Now I'm not sure that is the best way to utilize your human resources. Perhaps committing to their ongoing growth, education and fostering an equality referred to by Deming is better. However it's not as easily measurable. Convert FTEs to contract employees and, poof, you've saved 25% per year.


"You have to wonder how the morale is in an organization where the surviving employees see their co-workers discharged one day and replaced the next day with contracted workers."

Just ask any state worker. We've been living with this situation since the early days of the Thompson administration. And it's gotten worse,not better, under the current (supposed) Democrat Governor.

The World Sucks

Yes, you heard me its unfair and you have to live with it. Bites balls doesn't it?


Regarding the Sunday Wisconsin State Journal story: Its not surprising CUNA's sending jobs to Iowa and Texas. The story says lower taxes are part of it but its also "lower pay scales." Maybe the Union brain trust in Madison ought to think more about how it can save jobs in Madison by sitting down with the company and talking turkey, instead of spending their time and money on billboards.
I know a couple who work at CUNA and compared to other employers around here, its a country club. Their pay and benefits, including the union, are outstanding. Appears the new guy is just making a smart business decision and bringing the company into the 21st century. Union seems to be stuck in the good old days and doesn't realize we all have to change with the times. It happened to me.
Wake up and smell the coffee.

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