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January 24, 2008


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Most heartily agreed. Frankly, there's a bit too much of the dynasty mindset in the Clinton campaign for my taste.


Amen - if you liked Bush-Clinton-Bush, you will love Bush-Clinton-Bush Clinton

3rd way

"you will love Bush-Clinton-Bush Clinton"

Don't forget that Jeb's political career is not over. If his brother hasn't completely ruined the family name with the gop faithful I am sure he would love to make a run. We could have bush - clinton - bush - clinton - bush... how is that Canadian real estate market doing?


Stop - you're scaring me!


And what about Chelse? Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton. Canada here I come eh?


I would hope the Edwards supporters and others who believe Obama to be insufficiently progressive would be as outraged as Obama's backers at the turn Hillary's campaign has taken: whispering campaigns, manufactured controversies, and outright lies. Bill is getting into and past "it depends what your definition of 'is' is" territory.


I listened to Obama's victory speech. If he stays with that tack and doesn't get bogged down in the Clinton attack machine, he'll likely win. He has a longed for message that draws many. He only need say when attacked, "See? This is what we need to change." Keep on with the one America message, and he can pull off the nomination and, quite possibly, the Presidency. I won't vote for him, but, he is a breath of fresh air, sometimes, from the cannibalism we're seeing from both sides.

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