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January 11, 2008


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Joe R

There are moderates in the Republican Party? I thought Dreyfus was the last one, and he just died.


A minor bloodbath among national Dem leaders may be helpful - especially among talking heads, consultants and those working on commission.


You think that republicans wont line up and vote for Huckabee? Why?
These people voted for Bush twice!

After 7 years of craptacular leadership he still has a 30% approval rating.
Even as the dollar tanks, even as millions lose their houses, even after the iraq/afganastan wars killed and maimed hundreds of thousands.

Huckabee does the good old southern boy shtick better than anyone.
All he needs to do is call the dems a bunch of commie loving big government types who want to raise taxes and take away your guns. This simple message seems to resonate with many american voters.

The democratic party isn't any better, with back room deals to secure "super" delegates and the DLC securing corporate funding to manipulate the process and keep alternative energy and single payer health care sidelined.

Captialism does not produce educated voters it produces mindless consumers. This election will be like 5 seasons of American Idol.

My vote is worthless because by the time WI has its primary the party leaders will likely be chosen. Plurality voting further disenfranchises and diminishes the power of voters to elect candidates that actually represent them. I wish some country would invade us, overthrow our leaders and bring real democracy to America.

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