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January 14, 2008


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Patrick McIlheran and the WMC are all partisan politics and no solution.

If the WMC is about progress, then they'd do less to support our jurassic reich wing radio infrastructure which has a medieval suspicion of anything new and innovative. Anything that smacks of progress or the common good from rail systems to smoking bans to regional cooperation gets slammed by these mental midgets.

Charlie of course is touchy about this kind of talk, but the opinions expressed on his station and Belling's should stay in the bars where they belong.


"When WMC constantly calls Wisconsin a 'tax hell,' misrepresents the nature of taxation in our state, and then works to shift the tax burden from businesses to residential property owners, they build significant resentment."

Thank you! Well put. WMC, what goes around, comes around. You let your own board misrepresent members' concerns, and now you have "concerns" about the "tone" around here? Take responsibility for creating it with misinformation.

It is not the everyday citizens of Wisconsin who are discouraging businesses from coming here, not us taking out ads and trumping up lies fed to your bloggers about the business climate here.

It is you badmouthing Wisconsin, WMC. You create the mess, we live with it -- and you tax us more for it. I have looked up your board list and member list and am boycottig you, WMC.



You are being dishonest.

Look at question 16 on the survey.

Top policy problem facing the state: Taxes. No. 2. Health Care. No 3 Lawsuit abuse.

You are nuts.

Keep up the good work.

Jack Lohman

A major factor to the business climate is health care costs, and WMC is obviously inclined not to solve it. They sell health insurance and it would not help them to lose that product. I'd call that a conflict of interest that WMC members should address.

The Healthy Wisconsin bill would add $15 billion in payroll taxes and eliminate $17 billion in health care premiums. To most of us, that's a $2 billion reduction in business expenses. It'll bring new businesses to the state and keep old businesses here. That means more jobs and greater wealth. If WMC were not making profits on selling employee health care insurance, I think they'd welcome it.

John Foust

OK, Raul, what does question 16 say?

Matt B

Our unique geographical placement is at the apex of the world's largest freshwater resource (the Great Lakes Basin)

All eight counties are outside the GL watershed, are they not? What are they talking about?

Jack Lohman

Given Raul's answers above (Taxes. Health Care. Lawsuit abuse), it looks like all three can be tied directly to our moneyed political system. Our state legislature gives away $1300 per taxpayer per year to the fat cats that fund their election, and that translates to taxes. And they refuse to put forth meaningful health care reform because of all the money they get from WMC and insurance companies. And the trial attorneys? You guessed it. It is also called money.

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