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February 16, 2008


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Add Delta Airlines to your list.
My daughter was on a flight that was delayed. The agent (in India somewhere) knew less than I did. She did not know the difference between am and pm (in our time zone) as she told us there was a flight leaving at 9 o'clock - in two hours. I informed her that the 9am flight was 14 hours away, not two.
She said the flight was on time, when it obviously wasn't and gave me estimated departure times that were 45 minutes in the past. The agent told me that my daughter was confirmed on the next flight - (she was not - in fact she was so far down the standby list she had no hope of getting on the plane and would therefore be stranded in SLC with no accomodations).
Of course it's not all the agent's fault (but a lot of that was), much of the blame falls on Delta for having a system that does not provide accurate and timely flight information. Delta's website also had out of date information on the flight's status.
Like you I had to call back several times to get someone I could understand and that had two brain cells. I finally ended up with a real American in America (what a relief!) who was able to provide some answers and accurate travel advice. But that doesn't make it OK. The overall experience was awful.


You might be interested in a web site put together by some associates of mine:

In addition to a list of companies and an explanation of how to get to a live (human) agent, it includes information for how call center phone systems should work. It was put together by people who know how to make those systems work to help people, not frustrate them.


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