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February 12, 2008


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C. Alexander

I realize that this is a previous article but I just came across it after applying for work with CUNA and initiating a browser search. I have been working contract (temporary assignments through staffing agencies) jobs since 2002 because I am unable to obtain a permanent position. I read more and more about H1B visa "non-immigranta" that are taking the jobs that Americans desire and are doing without. I am an older person and I know that my age has a strong impact when/if I am considered for permanent employment because of health care insurance and "retirement benefits", as such. The shameful part of this situation is that hard-working, capable and experienced Americans are going without health care because it is tied to employment and the outrageous cost of health care is just another reason to deny jobs to older people - particularly when you can just hire H1B endentured servants and give them low-wage work that does not provide benefits such as health care. When Reagan started the demise and elimination of unions, how many Americans realized that was just the beginning of shipping our jobs overseas and giving them away to "non-immigrants" - legally?. I know that there are millions more Americans than the government/Bush administration will ever admit to that are (and have been for years) without employment and thus without health care and just hanging on by the skin of their teeth and becoming more angry with each passing day. Not having health insurance has evolved into a death sentence because doctors and hospitals won't even treat you now. They claim that the "tests" to find out what's wrong with you are "too expensive"; much less any kind of treatment. America has fallen from a world giant and model of freedom to a third-world country drowning in debt, poverty and corruption while the rich and corporations get more obscenely richer. Thank you for the opportunity to speak out about what is happening in the U.S. Thank you for your research efforts and for presenting the facts for us and for your courage in speaking truth to power!

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