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February 13, 2008


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Steve Vokers

I agree, it should be named after Erlanger.

Steve Vokers

Yep, I think the best of the bunch by far is Erlanger.

Steve Vokers

Guess I forgot I had already commented... oops.

Lucy Mathiak

Special thanks should go to Dave Mollenhoff, who chaired the citizen's naming committee, and the people who served in the process that whittled over 80 names down to the 4 finalists. They did an exemplary job, and produced a report that is thoughtful and provides insight that will be useful in future naming decisions.

The hearing was broadcast on the district channel, and is available on-line at The speakers were thoughtful, courteous, and very helpful to our thinking on the names. (I was there - just had a squirmy 7-week old baby with me, so moved to the back of the auditorium so that I was not a distraction on stage.)

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