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February 22, 2008


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Remember Hurricane Katrina ?
I'm still haunted by television images of tractioned patients being floated away to safety on those Blue cheap easily recognizable Walmart air matresses.
I was left angry, wondering why the hell the US Navy or AirForce hadn't air dropped even WWII era flyer liferafts.
A SEAL team could have done much much better.
Flip a liferaft over and you have an emergency bed.

Just as distressing about Katrina is that the local police on the other side of the Mississippi ( Harvey , ... )
forbid people to escape New Orleans over the bridges.

Blankets, MREs, and airdropped teams to coordinate the efforts may be the best answer I have.
I'm thankful a CO poisoning death wasn't part of the outcome this time.


Unfortunately Paul, I have yet to hear anyone that claims "tax hell" ever express ANY concern for the public infrastructure (note: I didn't read blogs back when the Marquette rebuilding was discussed). It's like they completely ignore it, only to be critical when it concerns them

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