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February 13, 2008


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Mary Jones

It looks like the Gabelman campaign is running a deliberate strategy of just letting WMC run all their ads this time around. Gabelman is not raising enough money to be on tv at the end of this race. He doesn't even have enough for a week of Milwaukee television. These campaigns have gotten so bad that Gabelman can just turn over the entire media operation to outside special interests. If WMC really won't run any ads in support of Gabelman, then will the entire ad barrage just be a negative attack on Louis Butler?

Laura C

You got excellent coverage on Lee Rayburn this morning. Thanks to all who showed up for this and I am glad to know who is on the Board.

Alex Saloutos

If you can provide the mailing addresses and emails for WMC's board members it would be helpful. While I'm not a major customer, I do business with a couple of these companies. I think what WMC did in the last supreme court race is disgusting. I will write them and share my feelings. It will be a factor in future business decisions I make.



Laura C and Alex,
This is all the information that the WMC provides for it's Directors.
I suppose that is to avoid actual contact with the public.

I can only suggest that you "Google" the company and get contact info, directly from the company's website.

A nice campaign, of 'outing' these people; and how WMC conflicts with thier own corporate policies might provide attention to such conflicts.

Consumers and suppliers do have a great deal of power, over these 'titan's who think nobody knows what they are doing.

Welcome to the internet, Misters Ziemer, Jadin, Airens, Bemis and Boldt and the rest of you scoundrels.


My apologies to those of you who sent in comments that identified the board members of WMC. What we are doing is a staged escalation 'outing' them. There are three categories. Those who met with us, those who refused or ignored the meeting request, and those we have not yet contacted.

At this point we are only focusing on those we contaced but would not meet. The other shoe will drop eventually. The WMC board membera are available on the WMC wesbsite as goofticket demonstrated. And I do hope people contact them to tell them the displeasure with thier company's complicity in the issue ads.

I have saved the comments you sent in and wlil probably republish them at a later time. But I know that at leat two of the names singled out in one of the posts have reservations about what WMC is doing and I think it best to give them some room to manuever and try to change the minds of thier colleagues.

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