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February 25, 2008


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Used to think with his IT background Kanavas would add some insight and innovation to the state legislature. Unfortunately he has turned out to be a major league political hack.


Can someone define for me what "promoting our economy" is? Because unlike what most on the right say, lowering taxes doesn't magically help our economy...


I believe any time a politician talks about cutting taxes they need to then site the program that will be cut along with the tax. If it's a reduction in services, what will be the impact on that reduction. The reason the Republicans have been so successful at calling for the cut in taxes is because they have never had to say what is not going to happen because of it. I believe it's for a couple of reasons. One, it would get a portion of the constituency riled up and therefore motivated to not vote for them. Two, they are just too lazy to do the math, they don't really believe govt. can do any good so why become educated about it. Just work toward its eventual elimination.

Jim Rowen

Kanavas also succeeded in getting one segment of the freeway (sic) rebuilding plan - - known as the Zoo Interchange - - moved up in the schedule for the convenience of his Brookfield constituents. That will strain the already-overcommitted state tranpsortation budget, and lead to a faster increase in gas taxes, vehicle fees, borrowings, or all of the above.

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