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February 26, 2008


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While I support the Great Lakes Compact, your facts are not entirely accurate. The Compact has not been ratified by every other GL state. As of today, it has been signed into law by 3 (MN, IL, IN), awaits the Governor's signature in NY, has been passed by 1 chamber in OH and PA, and has been introduced in Michigan and here. Nor has the Compact been adopted by the Senate. It was introduced as a bill last week (SB 523) with a hearing held on it, but no vote has been taken.

Please - we need vocal supporters of the Compact to have their information correct.

Michael B

Is this blog truly a candid examination of right-wing policies? Seems to me you spend more time railing about businesses and organizations like WMC and CUNA -- who you are clearly being paid to attack. How can anyone believe you have any credibility to honestly discuss these organizations?


Michael, as everyone knows from my disclosures, I am compensated for work involving some matters upon which I post.
Now, would you like to tell us what is wrong with the content?

Michael B.

Here's the rub: Sure, you occasionally provide the disclaimer that you're paid to rail on WMC and CUNA. But get the facts right the first time. You throw things out there and hope they stick. It takes someone like Andy to correct it. You published incorrect information above and you apologized to CUNA a while back, only after being called on it.
It's one thing to be a paid hack. But show some integrity and check your facts before pushing the button to post on your blog. Shame on you.

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