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March 12, 2008


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Henry Dubb

It seems to me calling it a loop hole is a tad dishonest. These so called "loop holes" were explicit attempts to get businesses to locate to Wisconsin. Under Thompson, then Doyle.

Selective Reporting is a process where corporations can divert their profits to low tax states. This not only involves Wal-Mart but many corporations in the state.

The so called loop hole is a very deliberate process of reducing the corporate tax rate. When you add this to all the corporate welfare Doyle had engaged in, it is shameful indeed.

WMC is right that this is technically a tax increase. But so were the rise of local and school property taxes to fund these corporate kick backs. Its not an issue of an increase or decrease, but for whom and is it fair. Call me old school, but to me corporations are public trusts and through both the Thompson and Doyle administrations in cahoots with corporations that trust has been violated.


Corporate Social Responsibility .
Does a corporation or an organization show any regard for it's impact on community, employees, environment . Is this a statutory concern? Can we legislate moral obligation?
I'm certain that a Capitalistic Corporation's basic survival is profit. Morality, is not a state issue, (unless you are a fundamentalist). Perhaps, the charter of a corporation or organization should be redefined. But, how to do this in a global market ? Everything would be in litigation.
Might be easier to change the economic system.

Sue G

Wisconsin still doesn't have an enormous commercial and industrial tax base compared to nearby states. If tax breaks aren't enough to get things moving, perhaps other means should be found. Surely the Legislative Research Bureau can find out what's working elsewhere and draft the best possible legislation so Wisconsin benefits, not just the Wal-Marts of the world.

Meanwhile, I have faith in our great University system, and I think concentrating on the technology development capabilities of our institutions will ultimately provide the greatest benefit--unless somebody knows what the next revolutionary thing will be and can help our economy prepare for that. The system-wide equivalent of WARF gave a research grant in chemistry at UW-EC this year that's a sign of things to come, and I hope to see more of that.

Tim M.

"Morality is not a state issue"???? Laws re: prostitution, gambling, gaming, etc.; tax breaks for: charitable contributions, environmental contribution, etc.

We legislate morality in every session of every legislature in the nation.


Yes Tim, the State does sponsor morality.

Yes, the state does promote and legislate morality, but only as a social control. It creates fear and demoralization, fractionalizes the undereducated and drives them into the arms of the state. State morality leads to violence and attacks positive social structure. It keeps political power static by endorsing a social structure of fear and diverts rebellious energy.
Thank you brother, for reminding me.

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