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March 23, 2008


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ETC, great basement project !
This was all done I presume while in the fast lane to Fermi Lab ?

Hmmm ... ,
ever though of using truck bed liner spray to help insulate those boxes and to help with strain relief securing
bent shrink wrapped round copper rods ?

Dan Sebald

I have to agree with that line of thought. Look at the mini-arms race in the Middle East (not helped by Bush and the U.S. Congress, mind you) and one has to wonder if they might not have a few more pressing problems than global deterrence.

I went to the Paramount theater in Aurora last year. "gritty" is a fair characterization I suppose. Several cities along that river (is it the Fox?) appear to be one-time industrial strongholds. There is another city out that way that seemed similar but really never recovered the way downtown Aurora did. (Maybe it is the northern part of Aurora, actually. Right near I-88?) Nice homes along the valley ridge, if I'm remembering correctly.


I lived in the Illinois 14th for 8 years. It is, in my opinion, more conservative than not. It spans both decaying former industrial powerhouses like Aurora, as well as affluent, white-bread 'burbs like St. Charles. I was amazed when I heard that Foster won--amazed but extremely glad. I hope it means that people are paying attention again.

P.S. Dan - it is the Fox River.

John P

Having relatives that live in this district, I do not think it was so much that people liked Foster, but that they hated Oberweis. This is still a conservative district, and Foster says he will be part of the Blue Dog Democratic group. If he becomes too liberal he will not have the seat for long. If any Republican runs other than Oberweis, Foster will lose.

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